Urethane Cone Style Engine Mount Bushings

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Part# 08-07392


These engine mount bushings are made of a special urethane formula which outlasts most other mounts. They have been in use on smaller 4 cylinder Lycoming engines from the 0-235 series to the GO-480 series for years, and are now available to the experimental aircraft market.


  • These cone type mounts are applicable to the following engine models:

    O-235-C1, -C1B, -C2A, -C2C, -F, -F1B, -G2A

    O-290-D, -D2, -D2B, -D2C

    O-340-A, O-340-B

    O-320-A2A, -A2B, -A2C, -A3A, -A3B, -A3C, -B2A, -B3A, -B3B, -B3C, -E1A, -E2A


    O-435-A, -A2

    GO-480-B, -B1A6, -B1B, -B1C, -B1D, -C1B6, -D1A, -F6, -F1A6, -F2A6, -F4A6, -G1A6, -G1D6, -G2D6, -G2F6, -G1H6, -G1J6.


  • ID: .500"
  • OD: .85"
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Great Product but does not fit on Lycoming O-290-D2 series engine. I used PN: 60883 for my 5-point (on firewall) mount.

Collin M
August 20, 2022

Face it, urethane is a much better material for these mounts! But be careful in ordering - I have the O-235-C (with no suffix!), and these dont fit. The neck coming off the small end of the cone is found on later O-235s, but not my ol reliable. Replacing the ones that had been on the engine for 18 months - it was fun to see the deformation in the old mount. Makes me wonder if I will have to worry about the new mounts and the spinner rubbing the cowling.... Pretty clearly I should have replaced the conical mounts on about a 5 year interval.

Preston K
January 8, 2020

will yse them on my o-290 as Ive got them on my o-235 they go on nice

May 27, 2017

Didn’t fit my O-235-C2C. Needed part number 71032 instead.

Kevin P
August 25, 2021

They dont fit like stock ones, I have 0-320 A2B. They are too long and the cone is smaller on the small diameter of cone. Not sure how they are suppose to work but I cant use them and I needed them today to mount my engine....

Gregory S
December 25, 2019


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Q: What are the dimensions of the URETHANE CONE STYLE ENGINE MOUNT BUSHINGS?

Approximate dims: 1.625" Diameter of Larger End, .84" Diameter of Smaller End, .50" ID, 1.325" Length

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