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Part# 05-12347


5 gallon strut tank with filler cap and pick up cap. Made from see through Cross Link Polyethylene (XLPE) which prevents material breakdown due to ethanol use. This tank may be mounted right on the strut and allows for easy access for filling and viewing to check fuel levels.

Experimental Only


  • 33" length x 33" circumference x 12" high.
  • Plus 2" for fuel cap on top & 1" for fuel dimple on bottom.
  • 6.2 lbs empty weight.
  • 5 Gallon Wing Strut Tank.
  • Fits most Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft.
  • Made of cross-linked PE (filament tape).
  • Comes with self vented cap & fuel dimple on bottom for drilling to insert fuel drain plug.
  • Fuel drain plug NOT included with unit.


These do come with a suction pick-up option. A plastic plug with a 1/4 hose barb on each side. You will need 1 foot, of 1/4 inch Tygon tubing, to reach down into the well. I made my own clunks, by sliding a nut over the end, and attaching a 1/4 inch brass nipple, sliding the nut down tight over it. Two of these doubled the fuel capacity, and range, of my Mini-Max Eros.

Bret A
January 25, 2020


Q: How is the fuel transferred to the normal fuel tank?

The strut fuel tanks do not come with the drain already installed in the bottom of the tank. There is a place at the bottom of the tank that may be drilled out and a drain installed if the customer so wishes. The tanks are gravity fed and driven by the fuel pump, however, it is possible to augment that fuel pump with an electric fuel pump as well. But these tanks are designed and intended to be main tanks and not drained into a header tank, although it is possible to do so. Because the tanks are transparent that gives the fuel level indication. These tanks require a pick up tube and fuel lines in addition to the tanks. These items are not included.

Q: How much does the strut football fuel tank weigh?

This weighs 6.2 lbs empty.

Q: How is this / these tank(s) mounted? I suspect that being under wing - one on each side is preferred parallel to the fuselage 90 degrees to the semi cantilever strut. Is it mounted to the jury strut or is additional support required?

The units do not have any detailed instructions. Additional brackets / struts may be required depending on the specific aircraft application.

Q: Does the strut football fuel tank have a fuel outlet per made or do I supply all the plumbing?

There is a place at the bottom of the tank that may be drilled out and a drain installed if the customer so wishes.

Q: What is the size of the drain hole in the bottom?

There is not a drain hole on this unit. There is a spot at the bottom of the tank in which you can drill out if you wish.

Q: What is the on center distance between mounting points?

Approx 12-1/2 inches.

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