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Part# 12-02743
MFR Model# 123C


Itís not easy to make a perfect instrument hole, but this tool will make it a snap. Itís a punch made out 4140 tool steel that has been hardened and precision ground to produce clean, flawless holes in aluminum up to 1/8Ē thick. Dual reversible design for punching both 2-1/4Ē and 3-1/8Ē holes.

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  • Size: 2-1/4" & 3-/18"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
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Very nice tool and fits my needs

Oren R Verified Purchase

ATS INT HOLE PUNCH 2-1/4&3-1/8

October 12, 2021


Douglas A Verified Purchase

ATS INT HOLE PUNCH 2-1/4&3-1/8

July 2, 2021

Worked very well. Made short work of cutting instrument holes after lubing the threads. Just wait for the second click.

Jerry S
December 18, 2020

Life saver! Well more like time saver! Wow how quickly it was able to cut through .085 T3 aluminum, took some effort at the end with sheetmetal this thick, but it did it and it did not warp or bend as anticipated. Its worth the I always say...time is money and what is your time worth?? Highly recommend! Great tool, high quality.

Sherman C
November 7, 2020

Great tool.. I was reluctant to purchase this tool based on the reviews. I went ahead and ordered it and it works great. Punched 8 holes in a 6061 T6 .90 dash panel the first day I had it and it was simple.

Jeff A
September 23, 2020

i am amazed how quickly it arrived. great tool used it to punch over 21 holes already works great a quality tool well made highly recommend both tool and your company. if i could give more stars i would this coming from a military aircraft structural mechanic first class ray reininger

Raymond H
March 9, 2020

Works great!

Robert H
January 2, 2020

Good for popping quick holes. Will warp the metal depending on thickness. I bought this to make a panel overlay with some .032 aluminum and was left with some warping outside of the instrument hole. Cut a new hole for a G5 in my thinner primary panel and this was perfect for that job.

Adam B
May 20, 2019

Nice product for making very clean instrument holes. Only made a few so far so I cant tell you if blades dull quickly after use or not. Only down side was no instructions for use, however you can play with it and figure it out quick enough. Basically sandwich the sheet metal between the cutting piece and hole and turn the nuts until it punches through.

May 26, 2017

I punched two 2 1/4 holes and two 3 1/8 holes in a 16 ga. (0.062) aluminum 6061 Instrument panel. The threads on the 5/8 thru shaft that is used to line up the punch and apply the necessary torque was not hardened and the threads stripped making the punch useless! I need a replacement 5/8 shaft to do use this punch again.

Bill T
March 4, 2021


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Q: What is the thickest aluminum this tool can punch through? Regarding Part # 12-02743

This tool can punch through aluminum up to 1/8 inch (.125).

Q: Can this instrument hole punch be used on panels made from composite / GRP? If not, can you recommend an alternate?

This tool is designed to be used with aluminum panels. I would suggest a hole saw with teeth to cut the material.

Q: What gauge metal can this instrument hole punch get through?

This hole punch can get through aluminum up to 1/8" (.125) thickness.

Q: What is the diameter of the center bolt?

The diameter of the center bolt is .625".

Q: Does this punch do BOTH 2-1/4 and 3-1/8 holes?

Yes, it is a reversible cutter for both 2-1/4" and 3-1/8" instrument panel holes.

Q: Where can you get the plate to help you line up the holes for the mounting screws?

See our mounting hole template, part number 12-14600.

Q: Do you have operating instructions for this tool?

No, the manufacturer does not supply instructions with this tool.

Q: Can this tool be used to oversize current holes ? I have some 2in holes (automotive) in my instrument panel that must be oversize for 2 1/4in. Thanks!

Yes it can. As long as you want to make the hole bigger.

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