Barfield Sight Calibration Compass

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Part# 10-05357
MFR Model# SC063


The SC063 is a portable, self-contained calibration device used to check mounted aircraft compasses. This device consists of a modified aircraft compass which has been re-screened to indicate 180 degrees from normal. The SC063 allows the operator to stand facing the aircraft making it considerably easier to transmit signals to and from the aircraft cockpit. The SC063 is unique in that the compensating magnets have been removed and a combination magnifying lens and collimating sight added. The compensator has been removed so the compass indicates magnetic direction at all times and is not subject to calibration offsets. The magnifying lens increases the readability of the dial, and the collimating lens insures precise sighting alignment. Attached to the rear of the compass is an adjustable sight lens. The lens is precisely aligned to insure that the overall accuracy of the dial does not exceed +1.

The sight compass is painted red and a caution label is attached to prevent inadvertent installation in an aircraft. Each unit is painted red for clear identification, and must not, under any circumstances, be used as an aircraft compass.

The monopod support provides a stable reading while not requiring long setup times. The 5 foot monopod assembly is furnished in sections consisting of assorted lengths. Combinations of these lengths may be chosen to adjust the sight compass to the eye level of the operator.

All external parts were designed of materials which will not affect the magnetic accuracy of the sight compass.
  • Calibrates mounted aircraft compasses
  • Provides full time indication of magnetic direction
  • Rugged, durable and lightweight
  • Accurate within 1 degree
  • Hand-held and portable
  • Included 5-1/2 foot monopod support and protective carrying case
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Calibration device for mounted aircraft compass
  • Indicates magnetic direction at all times
  • Rugged, durable & lightweight
  • Accurate to within + 1
  • Hand-held and portable
  • 5 foot monopod support included
  • Protective carrying case included


I purchased the Sight Compass on 19 Jun 2023 and the Calibration was completed on 17 Feb 2023. So, we already lost 4 Months of Calibration on our unit. Other then that, very Happy with this unit.

Mhd R Verified Purchase


July 5, 2023


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Q: Does this device have a calibration certificate in the box?

Yes, it comes with one in the box.

Q: Does the calibration have an expiration date and who calibrates the compass?

The calibration expires 12 months from the date of the original calibration. It is calibrated by the manufacturer.

Q: The descritpion mentions Part# 10-05357 but it should be 101-01200. Why is that?

10-05357 is our Aircaft Spruce part #. The manufacturer model number is SC063.

Q: Who calibrates a Sirs mater Compass Model 954-2399?

These would need to go back to Sirs if a recalibration is needed.

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