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Part# 10-04697
MFR Model# C24-727A


Airpath compass housing for windshield mount C2400-L4VT.
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The compass fist securely -- perfectly -- in the housing with no magnetic deviation. Based on previous reviews, I placed a thin rubber pad between the base of the unit and the windshield post to damp vibration. I have no idea if this is necessary or will even make a difference -- especially as I do not have vibration issues with my plane -- but it was a simple enough precaution. So far I am very pleased with it.

July 13, 2020

As others have repeatedly said, the plastic used is rather flimsy and breaks under vibration especially in Mooney aircraft. It needs to be strengthened. However, the price is reasonable and the service from AS&S was 3 for the product and 5 for the supplier

John M
August 24, 2020

Needed to drill a larger hole in the housing in order to get my wires for the light to go through. Also needed to trim off some of the front of the housing, so that the compass would fit in properly. Good thing, is that it kept me from buying an entire compass.

October 7, 2017

As a previous reviewer stated, on a Mooney center post, this will not last long. It is plastic and the vibration will crack it in short order. It is the only choice if I want to keep my relatively new Airpath compass - will probably go vertical card compass when this one breaks again, which it will.

Stephen M
July 1, 2019

I had a similar experience as Charles R. I have a Mooney 201 and the first mount cracked from vibration. I had the prop balanced and the compass still shakes but the mount hadnât broken. One night Iâm taking the glareshield off my plane and barely hit the compass and the mount cracks rendering it broken and unusable. Now my plane is grounded until I put a new mount on. I wish they used better quality plastic to make these. They look flimsy and fragile.

Steve C
December 13, 2018

The very light weight plastic is unable to withstand the normal vibration of the center post of my Mooney. I have had to replace this housing three times after one of the mounting flanges breaks off, the last one lasting only about ten hours. This housing should be made out of aluminum. Unfortunately this appears to be the only housing available for an airpath compass.

Charles R
May 13, 2018


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