Airpath C2400 Inner Case

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Part# 10-04718


This is inner case compass only. Designed to fit Airpath 2-1/4" as replacement compass only (for models 2400-L4VT, C2400-L4P). Light & mount (outer casing) sold separately

Northern Hemisphere only.
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Old leaking and faded compass cartage slid out of the holder and this new one slid in. Easy and simple. Compass was swung with very minor adjustments. Elegant solution to my problem.

December 17, 2020

Exact replacement

Paul L
November 23, 2019

We needed to use the old compass faceplate as the new compass did not work with the existing mount. Also, the original compass had a mounting screw in the bottom and the new compass did not, so we needed to mark, drill and tap out a hole for the bottom mount screw. Other than that is worked fine.

January 2, 2020


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Q: Will this compass fit a PA-28R-201T?

This part number for the C2400 inner case is only designed to be used with C2400 series compasses.

Q: Is the Airpath C2400 compass also available for the southern hemisphere?

No, per the manufacture a southern hemisphere is not available at this time.

Q: Is the brass compensator assembly included with the Airpath 2400 Inner Case?

This is just the inner part of the compass and does not include the outer case. The outer case part number is 10-04697. If you need the complete compass the part number is 10-01345.

Q: Does the Airpath C2400 Inner Case come with fluid?

Per Airpath the fluid is included.

Q: Will this directly replace the airpath compass in our Piper Warrior II?

This part # is just the inner case, the compass is not included.

Q: Is there a rivnut in the rear case of this compass for securing this compass into the plastic housing?

The compass has the mounting hardware for installing in the housing.

Q: Is diameter of compass 2-1/4? Is depth of compass 2/1/4? fluid refill cap on top of compass?

The diameter for the compass is 2-1/4 . With the refill cap on top of the compass.

Q: What is the length/depth of this inner case?

Total depth of the inner case is approx 2-11/16 inches.

Q: Will this inner case still function without the outer case/mount?

It may function, but the outer housing will "seal" the compass. It may function but since it is designed to be used inside the case, we cannot recommend it's use without it.

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