Grt Oil Temperature Probe For Lycoming & Continental Engine - Two Wire

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Part# 11-09541
MFR Model# FT-LC-01


Oil Temp Probe - For Lycoming and Continental engines for use with older GRT EIS models with software versions beginning with 44S--- or 66S---. Please refer to the serial number label on the rear or bottom of your EIS for the software version.
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Worked great, values correct, and had long leads.

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January 5, 2022


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Q: Is this oil temp probe FAA/PMA approved?

This Oil Temperature Probe for Lycoming & Continental Engines is not FAA/PMA'd.

Q: Is this Grand Rapids Tech part number FT-LC -01 (2 wires) or FT-LC-02 (1 wires) probe?

The oil temperature probe (11-09541) is Grand Rapids part number FT-LC-01.

Q: How long is the lead of this oil temp probe (part # 11-09541) and can it be extended?

The GRT oil temp probe comes with a 5 foot lead. It can be extended to any desired length.

Q: Are these chrome alumel thermocouples?

No, these are not chrome alumel thermocouples.

Q: Does this probe have a single lead and ground to the engine, or does it have dual leads for an external ground reference?

It is a single lead.

Q: Does it have 5/8 - 18 threads?

Yes, this has 5/8-18 threads.

Q: What is the length from the base of the nut (from the crush washer) to the end of the probe?

The probe length is 1.172" from the start of the thread to the end of the probe. The wire lead length is approx 73 inches.

Q: Is this sensor compatible with Dynon Skyview Engine Monitoring System?

Dynon only suggests using Dynon probes with their system.

Q: What oil temp gauge does this probe work with?

Per the overview tab on our site, this is meant to be used with the GRT EIS models with software versions beginning with 44S or 66S.

Q: I know this sounds like a stupid question... but are the wires Red & Yellow? This would mean that the probe is K type and could be used on the GRT MFD.

These are not thermocouple leads.

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