Rochester 3080-37 Oil Temp Probe 5/8-18 Nf3 100-250F

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Part# 3080-37
MFR Model# 3080-00037


Electrical sender (Probe) 3080-37 for cluster-type instrument.

5/8"-18, 10/32 Thread
Resistance (Ohms)
Note: Used 177-18 Thermistor curve E
    100F =497Ω
    150F =179Ω
    200F =72Ω
    250F =34Ω
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Great Service

Sky A Verified Purchase


November 18, 2021

Part fit and worked perfect, thank you for the tech support. Robert

Robert A
October 19, 2020


Please note, Aircraft Spruce's personnel are not certified aircraft mechanics and can only provide general support and ideas, which should not be relied upon or implemented in lieu of consulting an A&P or other qualified technician. Aircraft Spruce assumes no responsibility or liability for any issue or problem which may arise from any repair, modification or other work done from this knowledge base. Any product eligibility information provided here is based on general application guides and we recommend always referring to your specific aircraft parts manual, the parts manufacturer or consulting with a qualified mechanic.

Q: What is the resistance (ohms) of the probe?

Ohms vary by temperature. Please see the "Specifications" tab on this web page for the Ohms breakdown by temperature.

Q: Does the Rochester 3080-37 oil temp probe come with the washer, nut and gasket?

The Rochester 3080-37 oil temp probe does come with the washer, nut and gasket.

Q: Does this probe operate on 12 and 24 volt systems?

Power is not connected to the Rochester oil temperature probe (3080-37) and therefore the voltage of your system is not a factor.

Q: Is this Rochester 3080-37 oil temp probe FAA/PMA approved and does it replace P/N S2335-1?

This unit does not come with FAA/PMA approval, but is the same make and model, and used for the same engine applications in experimental aircraft.

Q: Can this 3080-37 replace the S2334-4?

Per the manufacturer, there is no cross reference of this part to S2334-4, only to Cessna S32335-1.

Q: Will this unit work with my Dynon D180?

Dynon recommends using Dynon probes with their EFIS systems.

Q: What is the 3080-37 probes length?

Approx 1/2 inch.

Q: Should the threaded end rotate?

Yes, the threaded end rotates on part # 3080-37.

Q: Does it work for a cessna 172 aircraft even does not coming with PMA/FAA?

Technically it should work but it would not come with the required documentation. Please consult with your A&P to determine if these could be legally installed in your aircraft.

Q: Will this sender work in a Piper PA28-180 with Lycoming engine?

Yes, this should be compatible with that engine.

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