Grand Rapids Horizon EFIS

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AHRS-2-PKGGRT Horizon EFIS Upgrade To Dual AHRS
RM-SC-01GRT EFIS Serial Port Combiner Expander
EX7-HORIZONGRT Horizon EX EFIS Display Unit
AHRS-GFGRT Horizon Series EFIS AHRS High Speed Option
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Insets...Preserving the View
One look at the HXr and you sense the situational awareness provided by the large screen and its wide field of view...a view as natural as looking out the window. Whether you are editing your flight plan, reviewing detailed engine data or any other task, the HXr won't compromise this view by splitting the PFD screen. Instead, it preserves it with the intelligent use of pilot-selectable insets for maps, traffic, flight planning, and more. The appeal is obvious, but the real strength of the HXr goes much deeper.

One Primary Flight View…One Scan
The pilot's scan of his primary flight instruments is the essence of his connection to the airplane. The information absorbed by this scan provides the pilot with the fundamental data required to fly safely. Preserving this scan is essential. This is why the HXr primary flight display is always full screen. One scan...a comfort for the new VFR or the experienced IFR pilot. You will never need to change your scan between a full and split PFD screen. You will never be searching for your essential data with the HXr.

Simple Operation
Simplified screen layouts also allow for simplified operation. Menus are practically identical for the PFD and map screens. New to the EFIS and are not sure what a softkey does? Go ahead…press it! Every softkey is labeled, and the HXr shows you the options available before it does anything. Pressing the same softkey again exits without action. Color coding and "hold for shortcut" features further streamline operation. Simple, effective and efficient. You will be navigating the EFIS options with confidence and feel like a pro on the first flight.

The HXr Remote Radio Stack
The radio stack has always used a great deal of valuable panel space, while providing a small amount of information. The HXr eliminates the need for a radio stack by providing the ability to interface with remote com and nav radios, as well as audio panels and transponders. The radio stack is controlled by 4 dedicated buttons and a rotary knob to provide operation that is so intuitive, you won't even need to read the manual. Most radio tuning can be accomplished by simple menu selections instead of tedious direct frequency entry.

The HXr brings new possibilities to your panel design by giving you the option of a remote radio stack. Illustrated here is a scale RV-10 panel with two 10.4 inch HXr and one 12.1 inch HXr screens, with an android tablet computer in the console.

Single screen redundancy?
We recognized that not everyone will have two screens, but will still desire redundancy, so we introduced the Android tablet computer solution. The Android Tablet computer offers an extremely cost-effective way to add basic redundancy to your GRT Avionics EFIS, as well as touch screen data entry.

Do two screens always provide redundancy?
Two screens would seem to provide redundancy, but what happens when one fails? If flying from the remaining screen requires re-configuring it to split the primary flight screen, forcing you to adapt your instrument scan to an unfamiliar layout, is this practical redundancy? We did not forget this important fact when designing the HXr. The effective use of selectable "insets" assures your scan of essential primary flight, engine, and navigation data will remain screen or two, even when editing your flight plan, reviewing detailed engine data, or any other task.

What is an Android tablet and why does GRT Avionics use it?
Tablet computers using the open-interface Android operating system are manufactured by many companies, and are available in a variety of sizes. They are typically less than a 1/2 inch thick, have bright LCD screens 4 to 10 inch diagonally, touch screen entry, can operate from external power or their internal battery for hours. They are highly-engineered devices that can play movies and music, browse the Internet wirelessly, and best of all, be right at home in the cockpit. They are already seeing widespread use for flight planning and electronic flight bag uses among airlines and private pilots.

GRT Avionics is harnessing these devices to bring not only a low-cost secondary display, but also for their ability to add touch screen data entry. The GRT REMOTE flight plan app is currently available as a flight-planning resource that shares flight plans with the EFIS via Bluetooth connection. Remote radio tuning and a PFD screen is coming in a future release of GRT REMOTE. The possibilities are staggering, and as usual, GRT Avionics is leading the way.

Don’t forget the autopilot…
Every HXr includes full auto-pilot functionality. Just connect our two servos, and we will fly you from just after takeoff, to just before touchdown…we will couple you to your approach and fly you to your selected altitude…and much more. Multiple display units mean you have multiple autopilot control heads. Want attitude redundancy? Update to our dual AHRS and get not only a second attitude source for your autopilot function and display unit, but also automatic cross-checking.

You won't be caught short…
…of interfaces. Other EFIS systems reveal shortcomings as soon as you attempt to wire them up. Without adequate interfaces, it is impossible to achieve the functionality and redundancy you need. Like all HX models, the HXr includes 8 serial ports in and out (one configurable as RS422), dual ARINC 429 in, ARINC 429 out, and dual USB ports. Multiple display units are coupled via Ethernet. Analog interfaces include 8 analog inputs and 8 discrete outputs. We have the interfaces for your needs now, and into the future. Don't wait to consider this important aspect of your EFIS before it is too late.

Your total cockpit solution… and a great new price.
Get a single 10.4” HXr system package, including single AHRS and all wiring harnesses, for only $5,650* including free mapping, full vertical and horizontal autopilot controls, and all the other standard Horizon EFIS features.
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Q: Is the Grand Rapids Horizon EFIS system FAA Approved for use in certified aircraft?

No, this system is for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: What is included with HX8A1-PKG Horizon EFIS, part number 11-11774?

Per Grand Rapids the package includes: Single 8.4" display unit with synthetic vision, full GRT autopilot software and free mapping software, Single Adaptive AHRS & Digital Magnetometer, OAT-03 Machined OAT Probe, Wiring harness for display unit, single AHRS, magnetometer and several serial connections, 4 GB USB Thumb Drive

Q: Can the HXR control the Sandia STX 165R transponder?

Yes, the HXR will control the Sandia STX 165R.

Q: What is included in package: HXR12A2-PKG GRT Dual 12.1 Horizon Hx EFIS Package with AHRS Harness 11-11784? Is this a dual AHRS system? Any idea on installation cost/time for this setup?

Per the manufacturer, this package includes two displays, the external adaptive AHRS and the wiring harness. Unfortunately we are unaware of installation cost and time as each avionics shop is different.

Q: What is included in GRT Single 6.5 Horizon Hx EFIS Package with AHRS Harness?

It includes the EFIS, AHRS, and wiring harnesses.

Q: Can the Grand Rapids sport be up graded to run AIRNAV or OzRunways

No this display cannot run EFB applications.

Q: Where can I find information about Database updates? Price, frequency, what is included and install method.

The software and Navigation database updates are free and available for download from the website GRTAVIONICS.COM. All update files include previous updates so they not have to be consecutively.

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