Rochester Oil Temperature Gauges

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Rochester oil temperature gauges have matte-white dial with black bezel. Mount in 2-1/16" dia. hole. New manufacture. Furnished with one 5/8-18UNF X 5/8-18UNF adapter nut. Available in the following temperature ranges and capillary lengths.
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The first one I received read 190 degrees in boiling water, I returned it and in 24 hrs had one that tested 210. Close enough. Installed and works fine

Phillip H Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 48" CAP

March 25, 2023

Phillip H Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 48" CAP

March 25, 2023

The gauge is just what I needed and works well. I did see other reviews that encouraged doing a boil test to make sure the gauge is accurate. The first one failed and I returned, the second works great. I would also tell anyone using this gauge to test before installing.

Rick D Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 48" CAP

September 17, 2022

nice gauge for the money

Oscar T Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 72" CAP

May 12, 2022

Works like a the O200A port perfectly.

Tom W Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 48" CAP

April 2, 2022

This is the second gauge I am installing my aircraft this year. The first read very low. After reading reviews I, like most every one else, found that I should have tested it in boiling water before install! Be sure to test it before install to make sure it reads correctly. The second gauge tested accurately, we’ll see how it works in the aircraft this week!

Russell T Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 60" CAP

September 7, 2021

I was replacing the same Oil Temp gauge as was previously mounted. (MY fault. I broke the temp probe while trying to remove the oil screen.) So, no problem installing. (As noted in another review - you have to make a hole in the firewall large enough to push the probe AND nut through, then plug it. You also need to put a collar around the gauge so it will fit in the larger, standard panel hole. But as I already had both, this was ZERO problem.. Checked the probe in boiling water prior to mounting. It showed just over 200F. Close enough. Works perfectly. Five out of five stars for the unit AND the service. Recommended.

Glenn N Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 72" CAP

June 11, 2021

Aeroclub P Verified Purchase

OIL TEMP GAUGE 100-250 60" CAP

June 8, 2021


Rex A
December 5, 2020

Just what I wanted and worked perfict.

Audie T
June 12, 2020


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Q: I have a Continental 75/85 HP engine, will this gauge work on this engine?

This will work on a Continental engine as it has a 5/8-18" thread (you need to determine length). It is not TSO'd so you will have to confirm with your installer for certified aircraft.

Q: Is Rochester oil temp gauge p/n 10-11600 FAA approved?

No, this gauge is not FAA Approved.

Q: Is this a replacement gauge for a Cessna 140?

These are not aircraft specific. The part number must be verified and confirm that it is a suitable replacement.

Q: is this gauge calibrated at the factory? if not, how do I do so ? ... there was NO instructions in box

Yes, this is calibrated by the manufacturer.

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