Belite Radiant Tachometer

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Part# 10-06872


Radiant Tachometer is designed to work with any engine and provides a brilliant, crisp LCD screen with a soft green back light, for easy visibility.

The Digital Tachometer / Hour Meter is a general purpose, ignition spark lead based instrument. Mount it anywhere using the included Velcro patch. Works with two or four stroke engines; also includes a job (oil change) interval countdown timer.
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Crisp, big LCD screen
  • Attractive Industrial design - not boxy
  • Service Interval countdown clock (use for oil changes)
  • Mounts anywhere with included velcro patch
  • Works with 2 or 4 stroke engines
  • Max RPM memory
  • RPM Alert
  • Uses a standard watch battery.
  • Easy Installation, use with Velcro patch anywhere (included)
  • Green backlight
  • IP65 water rating
  • ROHS compliant


  • Dimensions: 3"(W) x 1 5/8" (T) x 1" (Deep)
  • Small size, 2-5/8 x 1 3/8 - (67mm x 35mm)
  • Standard coin battery power is included (CR2032)
  • Basic Interface board available separately, allows +8 to +32v power supply and LED capable signal output.
  • NOW with double length harness! 120 cable harness is now standard (3.0 meter)


Returned i needed a powered version

William M Verified Purchase


June 16, 2023

excellent product

Jack A Verified Purchase


June 8, 2022

These appear to be of good quality, however the 60” lead wire could be longer. I ordered two. One is for a Honda V-twin engine that I recently installed on my skidsteer loader. The Tachometer was easy to install and works perfectly. The other will go on an antique 1952 Farmall Super M tractor. A longer lead wire would be useful for that situation.

John W Verified Purchase


March 24, 2022

this looks good ,small yet readable, able to place almost anywhere

Dennis L Verified Purchase


June 2, 2021

Seems to working as desired.

Gord B
June 7, 2020

As of October 2023, they are still shipping the older model instead of the newer one shown in the picture. Its boxy, the harness is about 8 long, not 10, and initial run time cannot be set. Other than that, its fine. The display is easy to read and it works well.

Dean T Verified Purchase


October 28, 2023

James Wiebe, the manufacturer of this product told me to order one here. Two weeks later, he told me it would not work on my engine (which he knew I had). Could you put something in the information about this product that it will not work on automobile engines or on Continental or Lycoming engines? It could save others the headache of ordering something they cant use.

Stephen A
October 7, 2020

These tiny tachometers work fine if installed correctly. Remembering they need a strong enough inductive flux signal to drive them. I tried to install one of these tachometers on my Lycoming engine with a bendix magneto by first removing some of the shielded braid around one plug wire then wrapping 5 turns of the signal wire around the non shielded area. Wrapping it 5 times produced to low of an RPM indication. Upon increasing the wraps to 10 there was a noticeable increase in RPM indication but not enough. Seeing it would require about 2 and 1/2 inches more of removed shielding to get a strong enough flux signal and having to deal with possible radio noise I decided to abandon this and instead installed it on one my cars which worked perfect with 4 wraps. It will work on a magneto system ignition if you experiment with it.

Wayne E
December 16, 2021

There are a bunch of knockoffs of this thing on Amazon for half the price. Instructions are poorly written by someone whose native language is not American English and are difficult to follow. Not the quality I expected.

April 16, 2021

The tach works well and was easy to install. However the tach was the old model not the newer one with an oval shape. This did not affect the operation but was disappointing.

Jim S
May 11, 2020


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Q: Will this inductive pickup tach work with aviation shielded plug wires?

Yes, this will work.

Q: Does this wrap around the spark plug? Just wondering how it picks up the RPMs

No, this does not wrap around the spark plugs. Item comes with a easy installation Velcro patch. Works on 2 and 4 stroke engines.

Q: How does the Belite Radiant tach pick up rpms?

The tach comes with easy installation velcro patches. This will allow the unit to display the current RPM's when the engine is running.

Q: Can the pick-up wire be extended? The wire is only about 2feet long and my engine is at least 10 feet away.

This unit comes with a 5 foot cable harness. Per the manufacturer, this harness cannot be lengthened.


Per the Manufacturer , range to 8500 RPM,,Accuracy dependent on installation (need a good coupling), should be about +/- 10 RPM

Q: will this work on car/trucks?

We do not have any data showing it working on trucks. It could work but we cannot guarantee it.

Q: How is the Belite Radiant Tachometer powered?

STANDARD coin battery CR2032

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