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Legacy XL Replacement Stationary Panel Kit for Cessna 172

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The Legacy XL Panel Kit by Six Pack Aero is the first and only STC’d replacement stationary panel built with future upgradability in mind.

The heart of this system is the new stationary panel, which replaces the OEM structural stationary panel. With a slight redesign over the original Cessna stationary panels, enough volume is added to allow for the installation of a standard “six pack” instrument configuration or a 10” PFD display above the control yoke, along with a larger than standard center radio stack, and enough room for a MFD or panel mounted iPad on the right side.

The STC includes five separate modular cover panels, available in three standard STC/PMA approved options. The cover panels are included as part of the kit.

Each layout contains five panels configured for a variety of avionics installations:
  • Pilot side panel configured for standard instruments or the PFD of your choice
  • Center radio stack panel
  • Co-Pilot side panel configured for an MFD
  • Lower Control Panel features your circuit breakers, switches, and familiar locations for all your stand controls such as throttle, mixture, carb heat, cabin controls, etc.
  • Lower right side Map Box panel can be configured as a blank aux panel or can be outfitted with a door for our optional Map Box
Legacy Layout:
The Legacy Layout features your standard T configuration, otherwise known as your pilot’s six pack. The pilot side panel is configured for six standard gauges, with room for 4 additional 3-1/8” gauges and up to 3 additional 2-1/4” gauges. The co-pilot side panel features the stock flap gauge, and a standard radio stack open is available for the center. Contact Six Pack Aero about options to customize this cover panel layout.

Garmin Layout:
The Garmin Layout is formatted to accommodate a 10” Garmin G3X Touch on the pilot’s side, an accompanying Garmin G5 standby instrument, and a 7” vertical Garmin G3X on the co-pilot’s side. The center radio stack comes with a stand opening. Contact Six Pack Aero about options to customize this cover panel layout.

Dynon Layout:
The Dynon Layout is formatted to accommodate a 10” Dynon Skyview display with the accompanying D-10A standby instrument. The co-pilot panel is formatted to hold a 7” Skyview display. The center radio stack is formatted for three Dynon knob and button panels, and a GPS navigator and/or nav/comm radio. Contact Six Pack Aero about options to customize this cover panel layout.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

In The Box

  • 1 x SPA172100 Stationary Panel Assembly
  • 1 x SPA172201 Upper Skin Extension with doubler
  • 1 x SPA172112 & SPA172113 Avionics Supports (Radiorax RK1010 preinstalled with fasteners)
  • 1 x SPA172110 & SPA172111 Console Support Brackets
  • 1 x Washer head screw kit
  • 5 panel overlays to include lower control panel, map box/aux panel, and three upper panels (dependent on the layout chosen)

Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do I need the Legacy XL Stationary Panel?
  • The Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit is the first STC’d replacement stationary panel on the market for Cessna 172 E through M models (model years 1964 through 1975), and is designed to allow for enough volume to install a either a standard “six pack” T configuration or 10” PFD above the pilot’s control yoke without compromising structural integrity.

    Due to limitations in many older Cessna models, installing a 10” PFD or even a standard “six pack” layout is not possible without significantly modifying the stationary panel.
    What is a Stationary Panel?
  • Your instrument panel is made up of two basic parts, the stationary panel and the shock panel. The shock panel is the left side panel mounted on rubber isolators, which houses the instruments that are most sensitive to vibration. The stationary panel is the structure that the shock panel is mounted to. It also houses the instruments that are not sensitive to vibration. The stationary panel is riveted to the fuselage and provides structure, specifically it is attached to engine mount stringers and a forward fuselage bulkhead and ordinarily is not considered removable.
    Why can't I modify my existing stationary panel?
  • Because the Stationary Panel is a structural part, modifying it in any way is considered a Major Alteration, and requires engineering and additional paperwork signed off by a Designated Engineering Representative (DER). DER engineering alone can offer one time only solutions for a specific serial numbered aircraft, and may be listed in aircraft logbooks on FAA Form 337 as a major repair or alteration.
    The avionics are approved for my aircraft model, why wouldn’t they fit?
  • Some avionics STC’s are for multiple products in a family. For example, an STC for a PFD system may contain approval for both a smaller screen version, and a 10” version on the same STC, and documentation will often feature a small sentence that states that it is up to the owner and installer to determine if the screen size that is purchased will fit in the airplane.

    Due to the obvious desirability of a larger screen, this often leaves owners with a problem of having their airplane disassembled to install these new avionics only to find that they don’t fit.
    What are the specific limitations of instrument panels in older Cessna Models?
  • Older Cessna 172 models came with a variety of instrument layouts due to the constraints of the OEM stationary panel, which was made of stamped aluminum. It contained a large opening around and above the pilot’s control yoke where the instruments housed in the shock panel would be. This opened was framed with a rolled edge, which gave the stationary panel rigidity and strength. The size and dimensions of the opening changed slightly throughout many early model years.

    These older Cessna 172 models also had a slightly higher control yoke, with its measurement from the floor to the control yoke being 1.5” higher than later models. As a result, the open area between the control yoke support and the top of the stationary panel opening is not large enough to house two full size instruments. Thus, the main instruments were offset from the center above the yoke.
    What is the benefit of installing an STC'd product?
  • A Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) is FAA approved data for modifications to a type certificate (certified airplane). An STC can be issued an unlimited amount of times to any aircraft on the approved model list, and installations must conform to the STC.

    The FAA has reviewed the data and engineering behind the Six Pack Aero product, ensuring that these replacement stationary panels and associated parts provide the same or better structural integrity as OEM parts.

    As holders of this STC, Six Pack Aero is committed to the supporting the Cessna fleet and endeavor to offer the recipients of this STC the best support for the life of their aircraft.
    How does the Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit change my Cessna?
  • The Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit raises the height of the panel by just under 1.5 inches. This results in a slightly more sloped glareshield, and a very minimal change in sight picture.

    The Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit is fastened to the airframe utilizing the same mounting points as the OEM stationary panel, and the installation retains all supporting pieces that fasten to the stationary panel and the firewall. All the aircraft controls, switches, etc are in the same location. Once the Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit is installed in your aircraft, you can jump right in and it will feel just like your familiar Cessna 172.
    Will the Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit be available for other models?
  • Currently, the Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit is in development for Cessna 172 B, C, and D models, as well as several models of the Cessna 182.

    Six Pack Aero currently have no plans to add models later than the Cessna 172M due to the fact that Cessna solved the “six pack” problem by lowering the control yoke in these models. Standard six packs and 10″ displays can easily be added to Cessna 172s with serial numbers 17265685 and later.
    Does the Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit include avionics?
  • No, the Stationary Panel Kit does not include any avionics.


I was searching for a solution for months to install Garmin glass in my 172M. There are only two solutions: Cut into and modify the structural panel with a very expensive and time consuming DER report and FAA Approval or make the much better choice of buying this product. Lyle was very courteous, knowledgeable and professional. The incredibly detailed instructions made for a very smooth installation. Everyone is amazed at the end result of my Six Pack Aero panel. I could not be more satisfied!

Billy J
June 18, 2024

Our flight school, Bellingham Aviation Services, operates a fleet of Cessna 172s out of Bellingham International Airport. The bulk of our fleet are N models with a standard six pack, but our primary TAA aircraft was an older 172M model with a nonstandard layout. The Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kit has allowed us to standardize the layout of this aircraft to match the rest of the fleet, which offers a more seamless transition for our students as they move between aircraft. As an added bonus, the Legacy XL Stationary Panel is its upgradability for the future. A transition to a glass cockpit system will be easy thanks to this panel kit. We are looking forward to our students flying many hours with a familiar six pack to scan.

Jason H
October 25, 2023

Lyle has worked with us on this panel replacement in a Cessna 172M including the extension above the new stationary panel and new sub panels. Excellent workmanship and very easy to work with.

Estherville A
June 8, 2023

Weve been involved in the installation in 3 Legacy XL Stationary Panel Kits, and can attest to this product as top notch. This STC approved product is a straightforward installation, high quality, and great value for the price. Everything you need is included and each installation has gone smoothly. Looking forward to installing more of these in the future. All of our installations have resulted in happy customers.

Command A
May 19, 2023

When looking to buy an older Cessna 172, I never dreamed I could have my cake and eat it too. I was looking for an older model because that was in my price range, but I kept drooling over the later models with their glass panels. When I ran across Six Pack Aero, and the Legacy XL panel, I soon realized that there was a real solution out there to be able to have both! The ability of the Legacy XL to allow a 10” PFD and still maintain the structural integrity of the aircraft was a huge win in my book! The three piece shock panel design allows you to maintain, or upgrade, either the pilot side, co-pilot side or radio stack without having to disturb the adjacent avionics. Installation was straight forward, and the price is reasonable compared to buying a newer aircraft. I highly recommend this product if you are in the market to bring your legacy panel into the 21st century.

Steve C
May 16, 2023


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