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Engine Right Angle Drive

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Part# 10-00814
MFR Model# RELAC1111Z 1.000


Female end attaches to engine tach drive outlet. Male out- put end accepts standard tach cable female nut (7/8-18 straight thread). Eliminates bending of tach cable at the engine in cramped installations. Designed for heavy-duty service. Gears and shafts are of heat-treated alloy steel.Oil impreg-nated sintered bronze shaft bearings. Cast iron case and fittings. With lubricator fitting for greasing. 1:1 ratio.
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Ronald P Verified Purchase


August 18, 2023

This was a very easy install, it wasnt going the correct direction at first but all I had to do was simply put a wrench on it and transfer the barrel to the other side and it worked like a champ. Bullet proof too, and with a grease nipple as well. Very nice, the only possible way for them to make it better would have been for them to reach out and install it FOR me.

Michael J Verified Purchase


April 13, 2023

Works as described

Steven C Verified Purchase


April 10, 2023

Adapts to engine only, not tach.

Gary L Verified Purchase


September 19, 2022

I bought it to use on a Ford tractor, Ford dealer wanted three times the price for basically the same thing. We were able to take this tach drive apart to reverse the direction and so far it works awesome.

Jeff H
December 15, 2019

The perfect solution to a difficult installation problem The Tach cable now passes through the firewall with a gentle turn - no more broken cables at the tight bend

Steve C
October 8, 2019

Perfect fit. Nice product

Joe M
May 18, 2019

Looks well built but we couldn’t use it on this customers project. It is rather bulky and heavy. It will not fit above the alternator on small bore Continentals (O-200, O-300/C145, IO-360 etc.) with a Delco 60 amp alternator as an FYI for your planning purposes.

Sandhill A
November 2, 2020


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Q: Can this item be used as a reverser in the same manner that the right angle adapter that plugs into the gauge can?

Yes, you would just need to switch the tach cable end fitting to the other side of the unit and it will change the direction of the rotation.

Q: What are the input and output drive shaft sizes and style? ie: tang, square, saw slot??

Per supplier: This right angle drive has one end that has the key/tang that goes in the drive and a nut to secure it to the tach drive on the engine, and the other end at 90* to attach the tach cable that has the key/tang that would normally go in the drive, and a nut to secure it. The thread size is 7/8-18.

Q: Can you advise the thread size of the grease nipple? I would like to replace the standard one with a 90 degree one to allow greasing without dismantling the tachometer drive.

The grease nipple will have no threads on it. This will have a .263" OD of the largest point on the grease nipple.

Q: What are the overall dimensions for this unit? I have a tight space.

2.641" long, 2.205" wide, 1.87" tall.

Q: Does the gear reverse the direction of rotation from the engine to the where the cable attaches?

It does not reverse the rotation.

Q: Is the hex nut connected to the engine end free to rotate?

Yes the nut spins free allowing the adapter to be "clocked."

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