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Part# 05-21500
MFR Model# 73138


Syringe assembly for TCP Fuel Treatment.
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This makes dispensing the right amount of TCP simple and quick. No guesswork, and you’re not wearing half the product trying to pour it out into another measuring device. If you’re using TCP, you’ll need this!

Dave M
December 23, 2020

easy to read and works great

Rich B
October 21, 2020

works great

Rich B
July 16, 2020

A necessity for dispensing TCP, unless you can access calibrated 60cc medical syringes and remove the Luer lock hub. Prior syringe editions were of this design including a silicone rubber plunger tip, however this material would swell over time. This current plunger has a perfectly fitted plastic end which works well and doesnt swell. Been using this design for years and always keep a spare.

January 6, 2020

Great Product

Rex D
December 30, 2019

Easy to use. Easy to measure.

Rich C
October 25, 2019

Good buy and it works.

Gerald R
December 20, 2018

The tip is subject to breaking mating into the round can to draw fluid. Better instructions needed. Shipment good and on time though.

Steve T
July 28, 2020

The tip broke off the syringe making it worthless for using TCP treatment. I re-ordered 3 more spares just in case .

Dean C
August 31, 2020

I bought this because my old dispenser would not work well with new cans of TCP. I was surprised to find the new one is not calibrated in gallons. Its in ml. You need to multiply gallons by 3 to get the correct ml. Then I found the new one does not fit any better into the can than the old one. If you are having trouble with an old dispenser fitting into new cans, take some fine sandpaper between your fingers to taper down the end of the old dispenser to make it fit.

Peter Z
August 31, 2017


Q: My questions regards Alcor's Syringe #05-21500. For getting the right amount of TCP Fuel Treatment fluid out of the can, how does the syringe work? The photo is not very clear, or detailed enough to show the syringe's components. The can the fluid comes in is very deep, and the photo of the syringe does not appear small enough to fit into the can as it is used up.

There is a fitting on the can of TCP that the tip of the syringe attaches to suck out the material. I've never taken a can apart, but it must have a hose that runs down the can to make sure the syringe gets as much material as possible.

Q: I have the older, rectangular shaped quart can and have used the syringe I bought with it. Your picture shows a new style round quart can. Will my older syringe fit the new style can?

Yes, it will.

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