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Part# 05-21300
MFR Model# 73104


Since the introduction of 100LL as the main fuel for low-compression engines, Alcor has been a leader in providing pilots a fuel treatment that eliminates lead before it can cause fouling.
TCP is the only FAA approved product of its kind.

For use in Non-Turbocharged Continental, Lycoming and Franklin Aviation Engines.

A simple one-shot treatment with every fill-up prevents lead build-up on spark plugs and valves.

Rely on the one-and-only Alcor TCP Fuel Treatment for a cleaner and smoother-running engine!
Available in Ready to use Single Quart containers.

Required TCP Applicator/Syringe sold separately:

TCP Fuel Treatment Applicator/Syringe: Calibrated for proper dosage of the number of gallons treated for 100LL grade avgas (required for use on the Quart bottles).


spark plugs are staying very clean

Rich B
October 21, 2020

I was skeptical when I bought a Stinson with a Franklin engine and was introduced to Alcor/TCP. One look at the plugs at annual and we started using it in a Cessna 150 with an O-200. You simply cant believe how clean your plugs are after 50 hours of burning 100LL.

Richard M
September 30, 2020

I have used this product for over 30 years. Keeps the plugs clean in my O300D. I did like the gallon size better.

John E
September 8, 2020

I was having detonation issues (up to 3 times) after pulling the mixture out when cutting the engine in my Continental E225-8, almost embarrassing. My mechanic asked me to start using this product and upon the next flight, then engine did not have the pre-ignition / detonation occurrence 3 times. I use the 30 ml to 10 gallons and have used about 3 times thus far and it seems to be working as I barely get any spit or sputter after pulling the mixture. As current, I will keep using this product and currently I definitely recommend as it seems to be helping quite a bit and I do not see any negative to engine temps, exhaust gas temps. Very pleased so far. 9/1/2020

Justin S
September 1, 2020

Cant fly my Stinson with a 165hp. Franklin without it.

Tom J
July 27, 2020

Spark plugs stay clean, no more lead balls

Rich B
July 16, 2020

Im convinced this stuff works. Dramatic reduction in lead oxide on the spark plugs at annual time.

Roger F
May 29, 2020

I use this product religiously. So far, so good.

Jim E
May 16, 2020

Been using for years great product

Bill A
April 19, 2020

works well on my old planes

Jerry M
April 13, 2020


Q: Can you ship this product to Hawaii?

Per the warehouse manager: Yes, this can be shipped UPS 2-Day or Fedex Priority to Hawaii.

Q: Does Alcor TCP Fuel Treatment incur a hazardous charge for shipping?

If it ships via ground transportation within the USA, there is no hazardous fee.

Q: How many gallons does one quart of Alcor TCP treat?

Per Supplier: One quart will treat about 320 gallons.

Q: Can using TCP fuel treatment cause CHTs to rise?

No, TCP use does not impact the power provided by leaded fuel and will not change the octane because of the low concentration. Only acts as a lead scavenger preventing lead fouling.

Q: Does TCP have an expiration date and if so how long after manufacture?

TCP will last several years providing the can is kept sealed and that the can is stored under conditions that minimize rust.

Q: Is this Alcor TCP fuel treatment product safe to use with a bladder tank?

Per the vendor, it is safe for bladder style tanks.

Q: Is this TCP a preventive product or will it reduce, eliminate lead deposits that have already formed on components within the cylinder?

It will prevent deposits but will not clean whats already there.

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