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Description Overall Length Rapco Part No. PN Price Buy
Brake Rivet:
Replaces Cleveland 105-00200
Length 5/16" x Head 5/16" x Shank 5/32"RA105-00200
Brake Rivet:
Air Tractor AT-802, AT-802A
Length 9/32" x Head 5/16" x Shank 3/16"RA105-06700
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RAPCO Brake Rivets are FAA-PMA approved quality tubular rivets for mounting aircraft brake linings. The RAPCO RA825 Rivet Tool Kit is recommended for proper installation.

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Alexander F Verified Purchase

RAPCO RIVET # RA105-00200

October 14, 2021

Bens A Verified Purchase


August 19, 2021

Give it a 5

Manuel L Verified Purchase

RAPCO RIVET # RA105-00200

July 26, 2021

G A Verified Purchase

RAPCO RIVET # RA105-00200

June 29, 2021

Jim Verified Purchase

RAPCO RIVET # RA105-00200

June 4, 2021

Great product!

Leary C
January 25, 2021

Supper delivery time from Mid West.

William L
December 21, 2019

No issues - good quality and function

Gary M
September 26, 2019

Didn’t need the extra rivets after all but so inexpensive why not have them on hand.

Ron P
April 19, 2019

Thank you for the rivets. they too arrived in good condition. Regards, Eldon

Eldon B
August 6, 2017


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Q: Which rivet part numbers for the 66-105 Clev Brake linings?

Correct rivets for the 66-105 lining are 105-00200.

Q: Is this the correct rivet for use with the Cleveland 66-106 brake lining?

Yes, you can use P/N# 06-00351 rivets with Cleveland's 66-106 brake linings.

Q: Re 06-00351: what rivets do I need for PA23-160 apache with linings RA066-10600? Charts says rivet RA-105-00200.

RA105-00200 would be correct. Part number RA66-106-4K would have the linings and rivets together in a kit.

Q: Which rivets do I need for the RA066-10500 brake linings and for future reference, is there a kit that has both the linings and suitable rivets?

Part # 06-16955 will come with rivets. If you needed more they are part number RA105-00200.

Q: what material is the Rapco brake rivet?

They are brass.

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