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This brake fluid reservoir from Matco features a clear plastic bowl for easy inspection of reservoir fluid. Furnished with pre-drilled aluminum flange for easy mounting.Small and compact, this reservoir mounts almost anywhere.

Reservoir only
P/N 06-11225

Reservoir Kit
P/N 06-11230
(includes reservoir, tubing, and fittings for installation)


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Edward L
June 28, 2018

I purchased the reservoir and the reservoir kit. The reservoir that I received did not have a 1/8 NPT port as described but a 1/8 flare fitting and the kit came with a 1/8 NPT fitting that does not fit. The thread at the reservoir is BSPP, standard parallel pipe, the other end is UNF-2B not 1/8 NPT.

March 5, 2018


Q: Is this reservoir large enough to handle two master cylinders?

Per the manufacturer, yes this should be plenty large enough.

Q: What is the overall height of this Matco brake fluid reservoir?

The total length is approximately 4.5".

Q: Being plastic, can the Matco brake fluid reservoir be mounted on engine side of firewall?

Per the supplier: Yes. It is commonly mounted on the engine side of the firewall. However, it should not be in close proximity to a direct heat source.

Q: At the lower end of the reservoir, are the female NPT threads located on the side of the unit or on the bottom of the unit?

The female NPT threads would be located on the bottom of the unit.

Q: Can this reservoir be mounted directly on the Matco master cylinder, and what kind of fittings would that require?

Per Vendor: It should be mounted using the bracket. Some desire to mount it using only the fittings to support it and that is not desired means to secure it. It is also vulnerable to inadvertent contact in that location as well.

Q: Is this reservoir compatible with both, DOT 4 and mineral brake fluid?

This is made of polycarbonate material so it will not work with those fluids. This is made to work with H-5606 hydraulic fluid.

Q: Does the Matco brake fluid reservoir only option come exactly as the photo shows?

Yes, part # 06-11225 will come as shown in the photo.

Q: Is the reservoir kit for a single brake cylinder or for twin cylinders?

The 06-11230 kit comes with fittings for up to two master cyliinders.

Q: The Matco information states that the port on the base of the reservoir is female NPT but it is PPT. What fitting does it take? It does not fit the NPT fitting from the reservoir kit?

The base adapter fitting female side is 1/8 NPT as stated.

Q: Does this Matco brake fluid reservoir come with a vent plug? There is not one in the picture.

The cap has a vent hole in it. It is under the bracket with space provided by the washer separating the cap from the bracket.

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