Part# 05-01381
MFR Model# TTP-218S


The S series firewall fitting has a 1 inch steel ball held in place by 2 stainless steel pressure plates. It has a swivel angle up to 50 degrees from straight and is held to the firewall with 6 #4 screws.

Assembly weighs only 1.0oz-1.9oz (.06lb-.12lb) depending on ball hole size.

Ball hole sizes available are .125, .188, .218, .240, .250, .260, .312, .330, .375, .438, .500, .562 and .750.

Meets FAR 23.1191 and AC 20-135 requirements.

Order example: TTP-125S (.125 ball hole size)
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Good quality manufactured part, however, it is NOT easy to install. I would not recommend this installation on an already completed aircraft with limited work space. The size .25 does NOT fit over a .25 control cable, try .26.

John S
April 4, 2020


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Q: Is part # 05-01382 appropriate for use with A-920 push pull cables?

Yes, 05-01382 will secure an A920 outer housing.

Q: Is the 05-00767 the appropriate fitting to secure an A-760 outer housing firmly in the firewall? Or would the 05-01379 or 05-00958 be the correct part?

I could not identify an A-760 cable, but if you are referring to an A-1760 cable, the best eyeball assembly to use is one with a 0.240" hole. There are several to choose from this size. You will just need to select the style of assembly you want and then the hole size 0.240".

Q: For part 05-12502, what is the diameter of the hole in the firewall that this will fit into?

You will need to drill a 1.125" diameter hole.

Q: Which hole size for this item 05-01435 do I have to buy?

If you need the housing to go through the eyeball firewall fitting, then you would use Part # 05-01381.

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