Part# 05-12501
MFR Model# TTP-7100-750


The 7100 firewall fitting has a 1 inch steel ball held in place by 2 4130 steel pressure plates. It has a swivel angle up to 50 degrees from straight and is held onto the firewall by 2 steel blind rivets or machine screws.

Assembly weighs only 1.3oz-2oz (.08lb-.125lb) depending on ball hole size.

Ball hole sizes available are .125, .188, .240, .250, .260, .312, .330, .375, .438, .500, .562 and .750.

Meets FAR 23.1191 and AC 20-135 requirements.

Order example: TTP-7100-125 (.125 ball hole size)
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • Eleven standard ball hole sizes are available from .125" to .562".
  • Simple and easy installation - only one large hole required in firewall
  • All-steel components plated to ASTM F1941-00 specifications
  • Meets heat requirements of FAA AC 20-135
  • Pressure plate hardened to 150,000 PSI for stiffness
  • Through-body maximum clearance of 0.925"
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This is a great product, and I have used several. You should be aware that the flange arrangement is completely changed. Even the outline drawing from the manufacturers web site reflects the wrong configuration. The overall dimensions are completely different than the drawing. The main through hole in the firewall is 1.063 to 1.1”. So don’t plan the layout until you have the units in hand.

January 9, 2019

great product, saved me heaps off time and now have a cable that goes through the firewall tightly sealed. about 10 mins to put on great product

Rory H
December 29, 2017

Be aware that the drill bit I used (step drill that will accommodate drilling a 1 1/8 hole) was quite expensive....about 2x the price of the fitting. However, the Installation went quite well.

Brooks C
March 30, 2021

The quality of the part is very good. I had to make a template for drilling because the screws are permanently mounted.

October 25, 2019

Good product - catagoe photo should show the bolts in base plate.

John C
January 18, 2018

I wish I had read Davids review as it took most of one morning to remove the two studs and not bend the rest of the spherical grommet. Once they were removed everything went smoothly. Installation was very quick and straight forward.

Bob H
September 3, 2017

Be aware that these Spherical Firewall Fittings are not as advertised. They do not have holes for rivet mounting. They have small threaded studs & nuts where the holes are shown in the picture & description. If you need to mount these with rivets you will need to drill out the threaded studs.

David R
March 6, 2017


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Q: How big is the large hole in the firewall that is required to mount the series 7000 spherical metal grommet? Regarding Part # 05-06935

Per the supplier: this unit can be used for up to a .925" through hole.

Q: Could you clarify the statement in your Features tab, that says Only one large hole required, when it looks like your still need to drill 6 small holes for the attachment bolts?

Per the supplier: The Model 7100 is designed to be mounted on the engine side of the firewall. The body has four 8-32 studs attached to the body, facing the engine, hence no holes are needed for the four studs. This should have been noted in the presentation! In the Mounting (in bold type) section prior to the Features section, it is stated a 1.079 must be first made in the firewall, and then the body flange held in the hole, so that the the two small holes in the body may be used as guides for the rivet holes to be drilled; and the installation completed with two rivets.

Q: The cable Im passing through is just between sizes (0.245 in diameter). Is it recommended that I go up a size to .25 or down a size to .24?

We recommend going up a size to make sure it fits.

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