Part# 09-18200
MFR Model# 17-SSN4


New Super Seam Fabric Cement. Not compatible with original nitrate-based Super Seam. Used to attach Ceconite Fabric to structures. High solids nitrate based cement approved in the Ceconite STC.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Dried rubbery, didnt stick to the ribs. waste of money.

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December 2, 2022


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Q: Can I use Super Seam Fabric Cement to attach dacron to aluminum or other metal? What is the difference between this item and Sure Seam?

Yes, Super Seam can be used to attach dacron to aluminum or other metals. Sure Seam is a very similar product just manufactured by a different company.

Q: Is this super seam fabric cement formula heat-activated? Meaning, do we still need to use an iron to activate the glue so the fabric gets glued on the surface?

No, this is not heat activated.

Q: Is it possible to thin Super Seam Fabric Cement with MEK or Acetone?

Yes. MEK can be used to thin Super Seam cement.

Q: Can I use Super Seam Fabric Cement to attach Dacron to wood like kayak structure?

Yes, Super Seam Cement can be used with Dacron fabric.

Q: Can I use Super Seam Fabric cement to attach 1.9 oz dacron to nylon webbing?

Yes, Super Seam can be used for this as long as it is recognized the strength of the bond is shear and not peel.

Q: What is the minimum temperature when using Super Seam?

There isnt a minimum temp. The colder it is the longer it will take to cure.

Q: Can I use ekobond part # 09-41200 to glue Dacron to Dacron?

Yes ekobond will glue Dacron to Dacron.

Q: Can super seam be used with poly Fiber?

Poly-tak is the recommended fabric glue for the Poly Fiber system.

Q: Can new super seam be used to attach internal inspection panel retention rings to ceconite fabric on an already covered airplane?

Yes this will work as long as the rings are plastic.

Q: Can it be used as a balsa cement for model building. It seems to have quality of a nitrocellulose type glue.

If it is used sparingly, yes. It needs access to air to dry.

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