Part# 11-07246
MFR Model# 8002ACB-C-12V


This LED based unit is self-contained and requires no external power supply for installation. It is made of a high impact, clear, polycarbonate fluted lens that is UV protected and shatter resistant for durability. It is lighter, brighter, cooler, longer life and draws less than 1 amp (.2 amps).


  • Weighs 3.5oz.
  • Stands 3" high and 2.5" in diameter.
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works great...easy to mount

Dave L
December 12, 2019


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Q: Can this led anti-collision beacon be used on a certificated aircraft, with field approval? Do you sell a bracket or flange for it? (I will be putting a light either on the belly or on top of the rudder of a Pacer.) Thanks.

Per the manufacturer, the beacon is not PMA'd. I think you are okay based on the fact that your Pacer is antique and you can make modifications as called out in part 21-303, owner modifications, etc. Give it a quick read and see what you think, may require a logbook entry only but it's your call. We cannot say for sure as it is not PMA'd. It does not include a mounting plate.

Q: I am interested in this anti collision light. But would like to know how it is mounted?

The PSA 8000 beacon has mounting studs extending from the base of the unit. You will need to drill appropriately spaced holes in order to securely mount.

Q: As this is an anti-collision beacon, am I to assume it flashes and if so, at what rate?

Yes, flashes at 50-60 times per minute.

Q: Does this PSA enterprises 8000 come with any wiring or does it need to have an existing power source? Im installing it on an experimental aircraft with no existing wiring for a beacon.

It runs on a 12V power source, no separate power supply is required. It has short lead wires to connect to your power source wiring.

Q: How bright is the PSA 8000 LED anti-collision beacon?

Part # 11-07246 is rated at 100 effective candle power.

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