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Part# 11-07244
MFR Model# 927ACB-C-12V-45


Completely Self-Contained LED Based Anti-Collision Beacon 927ACB - Clear

High impact polycarbonate optical lens. Up-to (50,000 hr.) life. Draws .14 amps@12vdc. It measures approximately 1.6" high and 1.4" diameter. Thatís right, it is in the same package as the Tail Light! Lighter, Brighter and Cooler, and weighs only 1.6 oz. Flasher included.

Available in 12V &24V. NON-PMA
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: The product may contain and/or expose you to a chemical(s) or substance(s) which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.


  • High Impact Polycarbonate Optical Lens.
  • Up-to (50,000 hrs.) life.
  • Flasher included.
  • Same package size as the tail light!
  • Lighter, Brighter and Cooler


  • Weight: 1.6oz.
  • Draws .14 amps@12vdc.
  • Measures approximately 1.6" high and 1.4" diameter.
  • Red Wire Positive
  • Mounting Holes: 1.75" to 1.88" center to center
  • Optional: Rivnuts 1/4" pilot Holes
  • Grip Range: .20-.080
  • Note: In order for the unit to operate properly, you must provide both a positive & negative battery source.

In The Box

  • 1 - Red Wire Positive
  • 1 - Black Wire Negative
  • 1 - Black Cushion for Beacon
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Worked great, and was as advertised.

Roy E Verified Purchase


August 18, 2022

This makes 4 or 5 of these I’ve bought and installed on planes. They are great! I’ve even installed one on the belly of a Cessna 150. Really makes you seen.

Cowans A Verified Purchase


July 12, 2021

This is a great light I liked it so much I bought another and mounted it on the belly & wired it up with my strobe on the rudder. Really helps to be seen.

April 1, 2021

I bought this as a replacement beacon for my Schiebe SF-25E motorglider. It replaced a heavy German U-boat beacon. Easy to install, no separate power supply and is super bright.

Curtis C
March 21, 2020

It flashes as advertised, and is brighter than the 125W bulb it replaced. It isnt a Whelan anything, but its affordable, easy to install, and it works for $109. Ive been using the combo strobe/tail-light for the past 28 months, so far so good. Is it legal for my certified plane...maybe not, but its got to be better for anti-collision than an inop sticker. It fits the two conductor Bay155 socket, so you may be able to rewire your existing beacon connections to adapt it, without removing your socket.

February 14, 2020

Great low amp LED Beacon !

December 29, 2019

Strobe came just as described. Appears to be good quality, and I expect it will last for many hours of flying.

Dave M
December 20, 2018

Curtis M Verified Purchase


October 29, 2021

Nice small LED strobe for Beacon replacement. Easy to install and consumes very low current. Would be 5 stars if it could provide 300 ft candles instead of the 100 ft candles.

Gary K
March 12, 2020

May be a good product, but not able to install on my Cherokee 235!! Not TSO Approved!!

Stan C
June 10, 2019


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Q: Hello, I want to know if this LED (11-07244) illuminates like a xenon lamp. What is the power of LED ? Thank you for your answer

Per the vendor: The 927ACB's are position beacons, which is to say that they are acceptable on aircraft before 1978 (100 effective CP). They are not "in flight" Anti Collision Strobes which require 400 CP. Xenon lamps can be quite bright and HOT and draw many amps. A 927ACB draws less than .5 amps and is quite visible.

Q: What is included with the Model 927 LED Clear Anti-Collision Beacon? Does it include everything needed for the install?

Yes, this will come with everything needed for the install. Unit, wires, gaskets, lens, flasher, bulbs, etc.

Q: Does the model 927 LEDs light all at once or rotate their sequence?

Per the supplier: All at once.

Q: Do these model 927 LED clear anti-collision beacons have a strobe like pulse like the other LED strobes or is it more of a on and off type light like the old style Cessna beacons?

Per the supplier: All lights will flash at once.

Q: Is the flasher built in on these PSA Enterprises model 927 anti-collision beacon or is it remote? Wondering if multiple units can be hooked together and sequenced like wings and tail.

The LED ANTI COLLISION BEACON 927 CLEAR (927ACB CLEAR) has a built in flasher - no remote needed. The units cannot be hooked together and sequenced like wings and tail.

Q: How many flashes per min does the PSA MODEL 927 LED Clear Anti-collision beacon perform?

Per the manufacturer, the PSA MODEL 927 LED Clear Anti-collision beacon performs 60 flashes per minute.

Q: Is the PSA 927 LED anti-collision beacon available for 24V and can it be used as a replacement lamp in a certified aircraft?

No, the PSA beacon is not available in 24V and is intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Are the PSA Enterprises 927 LED anti-collision beacons approved for use in certified aircraft?

No, these are intended for use in experimental aircraft only.

Q: Does this unit require specific orientation, like the Whelen Orion 500, which has a specific position relative to an arrow on its rim?

Per the Manufacturer - No, our 927ACB unit does not require specific orientation.

Q: What is the warranty on the PSA Enterprises 927 LED beacon?

There is a 90 day warranty against manufacturer defect.

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