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Completely Self-Contained LED Based Anti-Collision Beacon 927ACB - RED

High impact polycarbonate optical lens. Up-to (50,000 hr.) life. Draws .14 amps@12vdc. It measures approximately 1.6" high and 1.4" diameter. Thatís right, it is in the same package as the Tail Light! Lighter, Brighter and Cooler, and weighs only 1.6 oz. Flasher included.

Available in 12V &24V. NON-PMA


  • High Impact Polycarbonate Optical Lens.
  • Up-to (50,000 hrs.) life.
  • Flasher included.


  • Weighs only 1.6oz.
  • Draws .14 amps@12vdc.
  • Measures approximately 1.6" high and 1.4" diameter.


  • Same package size as the tail light!
  • Lighter, Brighter and Cooler, and weighs only 1.6 oz.
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Although the first one of these that I received was DOA, the second one was perfect. Its much smaller than the rotating beacon that it replaced, but still is much brighter. The hardware, fit and finish are excellent. Looking at the old rotating beacon next to this new one, its hard to believe that the old unit was still legal.

Jon R
July 6, 2020

I fly an electric Ultralight. I have tested 4 different sets of LED strobes or beacons, but none of them seem to be able to produce the kind of punch you get from a real discharge strobes. This one, from PSA Enterprises, produced the brightest light of all (helped by a large number of LEDs), but it hardly got my attention from 50 feet away, and it does not force you to look away. I have now come to the conclusion that - at least for now - LED strobes are not powerful enough to be noticed from several 1000 ft (landing lights are another matter - much more focused). I have Xenon strobes on order and will return these.

Martin K
December 9, 2019

I am building a RANS S-19 and bought this with the intention of mounting it on the top of the vertical stabilizer. The picture includes a mounting container and a cover lens. All I received was the bulb. Im sure AC Spruce will make me whole on this but submitting review for info purposes.

John M
July 17, 2019


Q: Regarding part number 11-07243, when you say flasher included, does that mean all I will need to do is install the strobe and connect to a 12vdc source?

Per the manufacturer, yes this is correct. All you will need to do is install the strobe and connect to a 12vdc power source.

Q: Is this "Model 927 LED Red Anti-Collision Beacon" an approved PMA part for use in certified aircraft?

No, this part is not FAA PMA approved. It is for experimental aircraft only.

Q: What is the rate of flash of this PSA ENTERPRISES MODEL 927 LED RED ANTI-COLLISION BEACON - flashes per minute (approximately)?

This would have approximately 60 flashes per minute.

Q: What is the rated ECP (effective candle power)?

Part # 11-07243 is rated at 53 candle power.

Q: Is this is a beacon only, not a nav light combo?

Yes, this is just a beacon.

Q: What is the distance between attachment holes?

1.85 center to center.

Q: I need the part # for the red replacement bulb for this unit.

It is part number P927-45-12VR, we would have to special order it from the manufacturer as we do not stock it. Please contact our sales team for current price and lead time.

Q: Where do you connect the 12 vdc power wires to this unit at , I see no wires exiting unit or screw terminals ?

They aren't shown in the photo but this comes with a power and ground wire coming out of the unit.

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