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Part# 11-07241
MFR Model# 8002 ACB


LED based self-contained, High Impact, red, Polycarbonate Optical Lens. Lighter, Brighter, Cooler Longer Life (up-to 50,000 hrs.) and draws less than 1 amp. (.13 amps) @ 12vdc. Weighing in at 3.5oz. it stands 3" high and 2.5" in diameter.
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I read other reviews and have solution for light not flashing then my thoughts. I bench tested before I left spruce, worked fine. Installed on AC and light came on solid. Wtf. Found out it can not be chassis grounded. The studs must be isolated from the airframe. For being led it is way to dim and kinda directional. 4hrs and still working. Good luck

December 18, 2019

well I would like to give this beacon a good review because its hard to find a reasonably priced LED beacon these days. Installed the unit easy enough but when tested it comes on nice and bright but does not flash. When I tried to return the item to Spruce, they said that I would have to go through the manufacturer for returns. Very confusing. Spruce always takes care of me but not with this beacon. Manufacturer first asked if there was a flasher unit in my circuit and of course there isnt. they said their flasher is part of the bulb circuit and said to ship it back and they would have to evaluate it before sending a replacement . Dont know why they wouldnt just swap it out. Unit is all plastic and similar in construction to the whelen 70509. Jury is still out on this one. I will update the review if someone gets me a working unit.

Goodfriend A
November 1, 2019

Wire terminations on the LED assembly are not adequately secured in place. One lead broke off before I was able to install.

June 5, 2013


Q: What are the dimensions of the base of this 8000 Series LED Red Anti-Collision Beacon? Is this a 24V light?

The dimensions are 3" high and 2-1/2" diameter. It is a 12 volt light.

Q: Is there some provision inside the light to block the light in a certain direction (towards the cockpit)?

Per the supplier: No, there is not.

Q: Does the PSA 8000 series LED red anti-collision beacon contain the bulb?

Yes, the bulb is included.

Q: Does the PSA 8000 LED anti-collision beacon pulsate or appear to rotate without the need of a motor to turn it?

Per the supplier: The unit flashes at a Rate of 50 to 60 per min.. no motor and no turning. Self contained in the lamp its' self.

Q: Is the PSA Enterprises 8000 Series (LED) Red Anti-collision Beacon TSO'd?

The PSA Enterprises 8000 Series (LED) Red Anti-collision Beacon is not PMA/TSO'd and is designed to be used with experimental aircraft.

Q: How bright is it.

The PSA 8000 series red anti-collision beacon (11-07241) is rated at 50 effective candle power.

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