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From $253.95 to $259.00
Model # Approvals Description Part No. Price Buy
7050900 FAA TSO-C96a 14V, red lens 11-03235 $256.95
7050901 FAA TSO-C96a 14V, white lens 11-03268 $253.95
7050902 FAA TSO-C96a 14V, red/white lens 11-03231 $256.95
7050903 FAA TSO-C96a 28V, red lens 11-03276 $254.00
7050905 FAA TSO-C96a 28V, red/white lens 11-03292 $257.95
7050907 FAA TSO-C96a 28V, red lens w/ mask, Cessna single engine 11-07628 $259.00
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Totally new self-contained, flashing anti-collision light assembly that is FAA TSO-C96a approved! Features a rugged polycarbonate lens with internal optics (patent pending), replaceable halogen lamp and flasher assemblies. Can be installed as a replacement on Cessna aircraft, 1967-1979; on most general aviation aircraft, home builts, and ultralights. A separate flasher power pack is not needed because the unit is completely self-contained! Wt.1Lb. Current Draw 2.7 amps @ 14V & 1.35 amps @ 28V.

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The light works well, as expected, but it does NOT come with the adapter plate shown in the picture. That needs to be ordered separately for an extra $90.

Edward H
July 12, 2019

nice NOT led beacon. better than the factory beacon on the early Cessnas as less amps and you get to remove the power supply which is another source of failure on the old beacons. But, way to expensive for a plastic base, plastic lenses, plastic base to bulb, and Its still just a halogen beacon with 80$ replacement bulbs. if you can, double the money for the LED. I know......frustrating.:)

Goodfriend A
July 6, 2019

Worked just as advertised, and was much brighter than my old one

Jay B
May 16, 2019

looking at website, I ordered this light. I mistakenly thought the base was included with it. I was disappointed to find it was not. From the picture, I got the impression it was a kit. For the light itself the price is a bit high. Might have to return it. Product is good, the way it was presented was misleading.

December 1, 2018

At the end of the documents it says obtain Field Approval thus what is being done to optain field approval. Any document sample copies available. Thanks

October 11, 2018

Very nice replacement for originals. Easy install and very bright. Priced well.

Henry K
June 8, 2017

I am on my second bulb in 150 hours. 24 volt. Not sure what the problem is but they are not holding up for me

Mark M
May 15, 2017

Good unit,

February 27, 2017

Easy installation and good replacement for original.

February 20, 2017

Great replacement for older troublesome flashing units. If the light is on solid it is wired backwards. The plug comes from the factory backwards from some Cessna plugs.

Ross D
February 23, 2013


Q: What are the dimensions of the Whelen 70509 flasher?

We have added the install sheet and dimensions to the "Documents" tab of this web page. Please review them there.

Q: Can a replacement lenses be purchased for these Whelen Flashers?

Yes, please give us a call for the exact replacements lens you need and we can place a custom order for you.

Q: What is the candela rating of this Whelen model 70509 flasher?

This light meets the performance standards associated with 100 effective candela for airplanes with a type certificate prior to 1971.

Q: Is there any known RFI interference issues with this Whelen Model 70509 flasher?

Per Whelen tech: Being that the 11-03235 is not a high current assembly I have not heard of any RFI interference. This is in essence a flasher module with a filament bulb.

Q: Does the 3.75 adapter base come with it?

No, the mounting adapter part # 11-03238 is sold separately.

Q: Does this include the mounting bracket # 11-032338 as pictured?

No, the mounting bracket must be ordered separately. (See Accessories)

Q: What comes in the Whelen 70509 flasher box: the light and the cover or is everything separate?

It comes with the base, bulb, gasket, clamp ring, lens, and instructions.

Q: How much does the Whelen 70509 flasher weigh?

Approx 0.265 lbs.

Q: Do you have the approval documents to post for the Whelen Model 70509 flashers? PMA and STC?

It is not PMA or STC'd. It is FAA TSO'd and will have TSO marking on the light itself.

Q: Is it compatible with Whelen H103 adapter?

No, the H103 adapter is meant to be used with beacons.

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