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Part# 13-08666
MFR Model# ACNA001


Sunguard is a transparent polymer, that will statically attach to any smooth surface (windows in cars, boats, aircraft, RV's and homes). It is available in "olive green" tinted shade and absorbs approximately 78% of the light spectrum.

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Adhere doggedly if you rub them on your shirt and build up static. Invaluable on long XC flights.

Louis B
November 3, 2020

They work great when you can get them to adhere to the windows. Suggest rubbing both sides on your pants leg before attaching them. It will create just enough heat and friction. I also need a double layer to completely block the sun. Order extra. The smaller sizes attach a little easier.

Ken B
February 21, 2019

These work great. Easy to stick and move. The trick is static electricity. Rub on your shirt, pants, or head. They’ll stick to the plexi.

Kent F
February 17, 2019

Applied easily enough. A few bubbles hard to remove, but otherwise seems to work well. Seems to stick fine, even on a bubble canopy.

Geoff G
June 19, 2020

Works great as I have a big bubble I fly in. I slap it where I need it to block Sun or reflection from Sun. If it does not stick just rub on cloths or something to create static again. I now have two, one for pilot and one for wife..

Glenn L
December 29, 2017

Got a pair for Christmas. They dont stick well - def not slapping them on. I tried rubbing on my hair or pants, etc. Still takes work to get them to stick. Ill give them some more time, but Rosen visors are getting installed this month anyway, but would be good to have on long XC in case the Rosens dont block where needed.

Chad R
January 13, 2021

used to restrict sun entering overhead skylight. filtering is satisfactory, but installation was difficult. even using vinyl applicator it is impossible to remove many small bubbles.

July 20, 2017

Worthless on my RV. You can slap them on, smooth them on, hold them against the plexiglass and say a prayer - nothing will matter. They fall off like the useless plastic rags they are. For almost $10 plus shipping, it’s a total loss and a waste of time.

Gal B
July 10, 2020


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Q: Does the Sunguard slap on sun visors come in a case?

These come in a paper sleeve, not a hard case.

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