Part# 471-6D
MFR Model# 471-6D
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Used with Aeroquip 306 Hose, Aeroquip 471 hose fittings consist of an AN818 nut, an externally threaded 37 nipple and an internally threaded hose socket. All components are anodized aluminum. Fittings conform to MS27404
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Love these for lower pressure applications. Easier to put together than the 303 hose with 491 fittings!

David S
July 14, 2020

Worked as expected. Very clean and easy way to build Vacuum lines for the Instruments. Clamps are history to me know!

Chris G
August 11, 2017

Excellent fittings that drive pretty easily and grab the hose well. The description says the collar portion is internally threaded. The ones I received were internally ringed, instead of the coarse thread you might expect. They held very well despite this and I actually prefer it, though some have told me that the threaded ones have less problem with the hose backing out during assembly.

November 25, 2014


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Q: Do the Aeroquip 471 fittings work with AN fittings?

Yes, this hose fitting will thread on male 37* AN fittings.

Q: What is the ID of the 471-6D fitting? If I put it on a hose with a ⅜ ID, will this fitting make the fuel run through a smaller diameter hole than the ID of the hose? If so, then the fuel flow is reduced from just plain -6 hose. Or, is the ID of the 471-6D fitting truly 3/8?

Per the Aeroquip catalog, the inside diameter of the 471-6D is .294". This fitting is designed to be used with 306-6, which has a .375" inside diameter.

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