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These versatile cockpit lights can be used to illuminate the instrument panel. They can be repositioned to illuminate your charts with their 110 degrees of angle adjustment while being able to rotate a full 360 degrees. Dimensions: 3/4" diameter, 1-5/8" tall fully-extended, 7/8" tall at 90 degrees.

The mounting stud is 1/4" in diameter and can be mounted onto a surface up to .200" thick. Switchable models facilitate wiring an SPDT switch (not included) to the light, allowing either red or white operation. We also offer a flush-mount flange to mount the light if the back side of the light is unreachable.

Flush Mount - (Pictured above) This part is for mounting and LED light Model 754 from the front side. The adapter base is 1-1/2" in diameter, stands 1-2" tall, and has a 1" bolt hole circle.
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I replaced the left & right old style door post lights on my Cessna 210 with these red/white LEDs. They are much smaller and compact compared to what they replaced. They are bright enough to light all of the important parts of my instrument panel which is critical because I also removed all of the old plastic panel overlays which had all of the instrument post lighting. I like the combination red & white...great for preserving night vision and when the flight is over, the white lights up everything very nicely! I would recommend these and, in fact, Im considering purchasing two more to replace the overhead, red only, OEM incandescent bulbs. They are very easy to install...

Mike R
December 21, 2015


Q: What is the wattage of these 754 LED Cockpit Lights 28V?

Per the supplier: The measurement for these is candle power not wattage. The candle power for 28v is 5000 MCD's. The power consumption is 30 milli amps.

Q: Are they water proof or vibration resistant?

Per the supplier: The LED itself is water proof and vibration resistant. The motherboard is not and cannot be submerged.

Q: Are PN 11-04393 LEDs dimmable?

Yes, the lights can be dimmed.

Q: Are these FAA approved for installation in certified aircraft?

This unit is not approved for installation on certified aircraft.

Q: For the units with 2 red and 2 white, is it switchable to have them on red only and white only?

The dual color will need to be switched to choose between colors.

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