Heavy Duty Aircraft Winch

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Part# 13-06125
MFR Model# AW-200


Winch includes metal wind up drum, 100' of cable and 125' of control cord. Moves aircraft up to 6,000 lbs. Floor mount requires Wag-Aero Mounting Kit Cat. No. AW-001.


  • Includes welded on back plate.
  • 100' of cable.
  • 125' of control cord.


  • Moves aircraft up to 6,000 pounds rolling weight.


This solution works great for my Piper Dakota Back in my T-hangar in both summer and winter situations. It was originally installed for winter, but helps a great deal during all seasons. I use a large bungee inline with the hook to remove shock during the towing process. The one I use is 800 lb test, but a smaller one would work. As long as the cable remains taut, there are no cable snag problems.

September 27, 2020

There is a major problem with this unit. It can not me used by one person. The cables and controller cord are long enough, the motor works fine. The problem is you have to have someone at the spool when pulling plane in. There is no guide, and the spool is too small so it is guaranteed for the wire to slip out of spool and get tangled. A guide like on a fishing reel would work as would higher sides on the spool.

John M
March 1, 2017

Worthless - waste of money - have no idea why they have such a long remote cable since winch can not be used to reel in aircraft AND steer it from the nose with a tow bar - cable will bunch and get off reel - even manufacturer suggests having someone guide cable so what good is long remote - manual says it is a hoist meant to be used for vertical, straight pulls

John L
April 28, 2019


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Q: How many amps does this heavy duty aircraft winch motor pull?

Per the supplier: 8 amps / 60 Hz

Q: Does this Heavy Duty Aircraft Winch reverse or does it free wheel out from the remote?

Per the supplier: No, this unit is not a free wheel. You need to use the controls to move the cable in and out.

Q: Follow up question to the previous answer: So, essentially the remote control works both ways?

Per the supplier: Yes, you use the controls to let the cable out and to bring the cable back in on the spool. When bringing the cable back in on the spool, it is recommended that you use a free hand to help spool the cable evenly on the wheel (so the cable doesn't bunch up in one spot).

Q: What is the speed of the winch? How many feet per minute?

Per the supplier: There is no data as for the speed of this product. This has never been tested for speed.

Q: Is the heavy duty aircraft winch 120V?

This unit is a 110V AC and 850 watt.

Q: What is warranty on this winch?

These have a 90 day warranty from the manufacturer.

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