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Airgizmos iPad Mini 4 / 5 Panel Dock ™

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Part# 11-14355
MFR Model# PD27


Fly with your iPad mini4 securely mounted in the instrument panel while still allowing it to be easily removed when you are not flying.

If you have used an iPad with ForeFlight then you know how great it is to have such a wealth of information at your disposal. iPad mini4 Panel Dock takes it up a notch. Your iPad mini4 can finally have the prominent position on your panel that it deserves!

Included is a cooling port on the back of the iPad mini4 Panel Dock. This port is compatible with standard avionics cooling fans if you decide you want to use this feature.

The iPad mini4 Panel Dock is designed to work with the existing Angle Adapter.

Radio stack compatible at 8.0"H x 6.25"W x 1.32" D / 4.4 ounces
Fits the same opening as the 696/796/iFly Panel Docks.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Fantastic product. I recommend it

Sam N Verified Purchase


January 20, 2022

Fantastic product. I recommend it

Sam N Verified Purchase


January 20, 2022

works well and looks great in my 180, but note that if you do a clean flush radio stack installation you cannot charge while the ipad is docked. - not too big of a deal as the Ipad will run Foreflight for hours anyway, and you can always remove it from the dock in flight to pour a charge into it. ultimately its a really cheap way to have a bit of glass in the panel.

Plan B
December 27, 2021

Fits well. Looks tidy. A touch on the expensive side for what it is.

Darryl P
September 16, 2020

Nice product, but expesive for what it is.....a piece of plastic.

Keith L
May 29, 2020

Doesnt hold well, ipad fell a couple of times during takeoff, last time i got a broken screen. Definitely not worth drilling the panel for this product. sometimes cheap is best.

Antonio T Verified Purchase


March 14, 2022


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Q: Are there any provisions on the Airgizmos iPad Mini 4 panel dock for power and audio cables?

There is a hole for the charger to plug in, but no holes for any other connections.

Q: Does this Airgizmos iPad Mini 4 Panel Dock require an STC? For a Cessna 182 for example.

Per the manufacturer, there is an FAA Document Opinion Piece PS-ACE-23-01-R1 that they can be installed under the removable without tools doctrine. You can't install permanent power without filing a Form 337, but that is typically done without much issue.

Q: I have a Airgizmo Ipad mini 2 or 3 paneldock i believe. Im planning to buy a new Ipad mini 4.I just wonder if i can use the same panel dock, maybe rebuild it, put something under the ipad 4 to get it to fit? Or, if i will have to buy a new panel for the Ipad mini 4 will it be the same cutout and fit the same hole as i now have in my panel? Also since I'm from Norway, will the Airgizmo be tax free sent to Norway?

We recommend ordering the Panel Dock for the iPad Mini 4. It will be the same size for the install so the panel willnot need to be changed. The iPad Mini 4 will fit great in the iPad Mini 4 dock. We will not charge tax on our side, but we do not have nay control of import taxes that may be charged by your country when the package clears customs.

Q: Would there be any downside to mounting this horizontally rather than vertically?

No, both configurations are supported.

Q: Is the Airgizmos Panel Doc compatible with the Ipad Mini 5?

Yes, Part# 11-14355 works with the iPad Mini 5.

Q: Will this Airgizmos iPad Mini dock fit in a standard radio rack?

Yes, this is radio stack compatible at 8.0"H x 6.25"W x 1.32" D / 4.4 ounces. It is taller than a radio so you will need to make a custom cut in the rack.

Q: Can a iPad mini 6 be used with this also?

No, it will not. At this time they do not have a panel dock for the Mini 6 as of 2/18/2022 but it is expected soon.

Q: Has airgizmo developed a panel dock for the mini six as of 3/21/2023?

Yes, see Part# 11-19233.

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