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Aithre Healthview

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Part# 11-19684
MFR Model# AHVAS03


The Healthview is the first dedicated avionics display for health information, including gauges for blood oxygen, heart rate, respiration rate, flow rate, cabin pressure, cabin temperature, carbon monoxide, oxygen tank pressure, and wing tip temperature/dewpoint spread - and the first dedicated avionics display that controls your oxygen dosage per station based on altitude, carbon monoxide, blood oxygen, and heart rate.

This powerful avionics display is approved under NORSEE for all Part 23 aircraft, including pressurized aircraft, and all experimental aircraft, to help you monitor the health parameters that are most important to your mission.\

The Healthview works as a standalone device for cabin pressure altitude, using an internal barometric pressure sensor. But, the real power lies in the Healthview's ability to dynamically expand to feature any available Aithre device, wirelessly and with OR without use of the popular Aithre Connect iOS app. The Healthview is compatible with all Aithre devices, including the Shield series of carbon monoxide detectors, the Illyrian oximeter, the Meso oxygen pressure, the AVI oxygen systems, and the Metis wingtip temperature/dewpoint sensor. Up to six Illyrian oximeters can be linked to the Healthview at any moment. Many of the connections are wireless using BLE, but the Healthview also features serial channels linking directly to the Avi built-in oxygen systems.

Additionally, the Healthview controls the built-in AVI oxygen systems with that dedicated serial communication, including pulse dosage based on pressure altitude and blood oxygen saturation levels. For advanced oxygen users, the Healthview provides an auto mode functionality that automatically turns your oxygen on and off on a station-by-station basis, using parameters of pressure altitude, SPO2, heart rate, and carbon monoxide.

You'll be proud to feature the elegant aluminum housing on your panel and it won't tax your battery, alternator, or useful load. Power requirements are 12-18V and only 150 mA (0.15 A)! Dimensions are 90mm x 61mm x 21.5mm and weight is approximately 10 ounces, with the final weight pending final design changes.

Wiring is simple with only power and ground required. Optional wiring includes serial TX, RX wires to the AVI built-in oxygen systems.

Existing built-in AVI oxygen systems require a software and hardware upgrade to be compatible with the Healthview serial com features. This upgrade requires the AVI control unit be mailed to Aithre for a no-cost upgrade as part of the purchase of the Healthview.
California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • 240 x 320 pixel TFT resistive touch LCD display
  • Rich and vibrant graphical gauges
  • Powered by three parallel low energy processors and BLE wireless communication module for an exciting low hear, low power, high functionality display.



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Q: What are the outside dimensions of this Aithre Healthview module?

Height: 3-1/2
Width: 2-3/8
Display thickness: 3/4

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