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Auto Shield IX Nano Ceramic Coating

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Part# 09-05995
MFR Model# AUTO30


Protect your investment from nature and the elements!

Auto Shield is a revolutionary, ultra-durable, ceramic clear-coating that provides superior scratch resistance and semi-permanent protection for all vehicle finishes, paints and exterior surfaces.

Coverage for your Investment
Number of kits required:
  • 1 kit: Small car/two motorcycles
  • 2 kits: Most Sedans & small pick-up trucks
  • 3 kits: Larger cars & pick-up trucks
  • 4 kits: Most single-engine aircraft (wings and front cowling)
    • Benefits

      Enhanced gloss
      Enhances gloss (the smoother surface enhances the reflective properties of your paint

      High Strength
      4+ times stronger than factory paint finishes and can absorb damage that would otherwise affect the appearance and integrity of your paint

      Superior Protection
      Extremely durable ceramic coating reduces swirl marks and light scratches while protecting and preserving factory paint.

      Easy Application
      Very easy to apply (wipe on, let dry, buff off)

      Top Quality
      Highest Quality Hydrophobic Properties. Unlike wax or factory paint, Auto Shield IX does a better job of protecting the exterior of the car. Our proprietary formula has hydrophobic properties that make water and rain bead instead of pooling on the hood. Mud and acid rain slide off the smooth surface without leaving a stain.

      Easy Cleaning
      Makes vehicle easier to clean (water will pick up dirt/dust and slide off.

      Long-term solution (traditional wax loses benefits after 30-60 days, Auto-Shield last 2-5 years)

      Cost Effective
      Apply Auto Shield IX once every 2-3 years vs. 30-60 days for wax. Even the best, most expensive waxes lose the hydrophobic and UV protection properties after a month or two. With proper application and maintenance, Auto Shield IX provides superior protection for years, not months, saving you time and money!

      Repels Contaminants
      Keeps surface cleaner (more difficult for contaminants to adhere to surface). Dirt, grime, bird droppings, etc have a more difficult time adhering to the vehicle surface because Auto Shield IX has filled the microscopic cracks, gaps and pores in the paint/clear coat.

      Resists Oxidation
      Protects from UV damage (slows oxidation and fading paint). UV rays tend to cause the carís paint to fade and even crack. The ultraviolet rays of the sun have a destructive effect on the carís surface. Auto Shield IX helps prevent this damage as well as other forms of erosion such as rust and oxidization.



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