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A clever mouthpiece for comfortably holding a flashlight with your teeth. Fits most "AA" or "AAA" size quality aluminum flashlights.

Note: flashlight not included. This is the mouth piece only.

AA Flashlight Holder: .465" ID
AAA Flashlight Holder: .675" ID
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I bought 20 of these 20 years ago at REI, went back there to find they didnt carry them anymore. Went on Amazon could not find them. Did a Google search and was so happy to find out theyre still being made. The last batch lasted 20 years so Im planning on leaving the leftovers in my will. Thanks, Great product, simple and effective.

Bruce C
June 20, 2019

Both sizes of these I believe were designed for maglights. They fit them perfectly. I like the AAA size the best because the light weighs less and does not put pressure on my teeth when hanging out there. I do use the AA size light too but it after a while it feels heavy in my teeth. This product though I like a lot.

Jack B
November 13, 2018

Excellent product, exactly what I have been looking for.

October 22, 2018

Ive used these for years. I have done a lot of low voltage work where I needed good lighting. I was able to use both hands instead of trying to grip a flashlight. I had problems finding this particular product, but I fiinally found them on this site for a very good price. Thanks.

Anthony M
February 3, 2018

This item works very well as intended. If you are using both hands to work on a project and you have this handy little Bite-A Light adapter on your mini mag light, you are good to go. The only rub is when you try to use the supplied mini mag light holster, it is a very tight squeeze.

T. D
March 18, 2017

Ordered 2 of the ones that are intended for AA battery flashlights. Or at least I thought they were. I didnt expect hard plastic that has -0- give, which allows for only 1 specific flashlight. That flashlight has an on/off button that this would cover up. Item was pictured with a lanyard that is also not included. I guess Ill just chalk it up to throwing $10 in the garbage.

Jon A
November 25, 2020

Split down side after only a few days use.

Ben H
March 1, 2018

Both split first time used. Older unit I had was made of a durable material

Larry W
July 23, 2018

I thought it would fit my really small AAA aluminum flashlights and they donât. I have searched online and in 6 local stores and canât find a fit. I donât want to order the AA because it might not work either. Thanks for asking.

November 20, 2020

Doesnt fit any flashlight I own. It would cover up on/off button if it did fit. This goes into plastic parts bin for re-purposing.

September 27, 2019


Q: Does the Bite A Lite mouthpiece include a lanyard?

No, this will ship with the mouthpiece only. No lanyard is included.

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