Kennon Cowl Plugs

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Part# 13-14111


Kennon cowl plugs are constructed from red Aqualon over 2 thick foam and feature a binding around the outer edge of each plug so there is a tight seal which fits snugly in the cowl. This lip prevents the plugs from slipping inside the opening. A safety strap goes around the prop so if by chance you forget to remove the plugs, the prop will remove them for you. These cowl plugs install easily and comes with their own storage bag. Specify aircraft make, model & year when ordering. Include aircraft registration number to be printed on plugs at no extra charge.

**Manufacture may require an image of the aircraft cowl**



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Q: Trying to obtain a total price prior to ordering, but shipping just says TBD. How do I know shipping costs prior to ordering?

Two ways to go about this. The easiest way is to put the order through with special instructions, "Please contact me with shipping quote before releasing order." We will get the order, send you the quote, and if you agree release the order. If you do not accept the quote, we can cancel. We do not charge the card until the order ships so if you cancel there will be no credit due. The other way is to contact sales and give them your zip code and the part number and they can estimate it for you.

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