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Panel Planner is your best solution for designing and fabricating whole instrument panels for large twin to experimental aircraft. It is made for the aircraft owner, homebuilder, repair/refit station, flight department, designer, or manufacturer. Panel Planner is a stand-alone program and no CAD experience is required!

Panel Planner gives you the power to design and build instrument panels in record time. Simply drag full-color, photo-realistic instruments, avionics, and cockpit controls into place on an aircraft panel template. Today match your design to on-line data from Aircraft Spruce.

Panel Planner tracks total cost, total weight, and peak current, generates an equipment list, and even prints actual-size hole-cutting templates and color mock-ups with your desktop printer. Cut panel design and construction by 50% or more!

Panel Planner equipment and panels can be updated locally or over the internet keeping you up-to-date, with the most recent instruments in the market, ready for you to use. The software is multi-platform, based in a technology called Java, and can run either on Macintosh or Windows. Version 4.0 is now available in PC or Mac.

Order this program now, start building your panel, and receive a credit upon placing your avionics order, just reference your invoice number.

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Note: Limited to 5 panel designs per software.


  • View 1600 instruments on 600 aircraft panels
  • Outputs DXF files for CNC, laser/water jet
  • Updates over the internet
  • Full-size cutting template printouts
  • Measurement and alignment tools
  • Edit existing or create new panel templates
  • Multiple zoom and magnification levels
  • Actual-size color prints from desktop printers
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Gene Velazuez at Panel Planner provides amazing and same day after sales service and help with the software. Makes ordering a custom machined panel simple. Thank you

Graham D
March 14, 2014

Has a few glitches. The Dynon knob cut out is correct for the Autopilot but not for the Dynon radio and Baro knob panels. Sometimes undo doesnt work properly, so saving file revisions helps in case things dont go well. Have to install and run as Administrator on Windows.

Mike S
February 13, 2019


Q: Does Panal Builder have templates for Socata TB-20/21 aircraft.

Panel Builder does have a template for Socata TB-20. If you have the dimensions for a panel you can submit them to the manufacture One Mile Up and they will add it for free.

Q: Does panel planner output a CAD/CAM template so I can machine-cut the panel?

Yes the program does offer CAD print out capabilites.

Q: Is there a SeaRey LSX Panal template?

The manufacture is very good at updating there software with new units and panels. Many customers have bought the software and had there panel uploaded. You can contact the manufacture at to have them add a panel.

Q: Does this software work with Windows 7?

Yes, per the manufacture it will work on Windows 7 and in the manual gives instruction on how to install.

Q: Does the software have a Garmin GTN 750 GPS/NAV/COM?

Yes, the Garmin GTN 750 is on the 3.4 version.

Q: Does the Panel Planner program have a template for the Vans RV8/8A?

Yes it does have the RV 8/8A panels. The manufacture is very good at updating there software with new units and panels. Many customers have bought the software and had there blank panel uploaded. You can contact the manufacture at to have them add a panel if not on your version.

Q: Does the Panel Planner have templates for the Rockwell Commander 112?

Yes, the Commander 112 is included in the latest update of the software.

Q: Does the Panel Planner have a template for the Bearhawk Patrol?

No, however upon purchase the manufacturer will add the Bearhawk Patrol if you send in a drawing.

Q: Does Panel Builder have templates for Eurocopter AS350 B and B3?

Yes, the Eurocopter AS350 does have a template in the panel planner. The B and B3 models can be added at no additional charge if you provide the manufacturer with the specs.

Q: Will the Panel Planner software work on Mac?

Yes, use part # 13-06210 for use with Macintosh computers.

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