Panel Power 6 Pin Lemo To Dual Plug GA Headset Adapter - PA-89B

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Part# 11-03570
MFR Model# PA-89B


Headset Adapter for Panel Power Headset to GA Aircraft: Adapts BOSEŽ X, Lightspeed Zulu, and David Clark X11 headsets to be used in twin plug GA aircraft. (Unit supplies required power 9V).NEW: NOW WITH AUTO SHUTOFF
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One 90 minute flight in cold temps . Battery held up good .

Joseph H Verified Purchase


January 20, 2022

Works as advertised, !

Titcomb D
December 8, 2020

It works as advertised. UPS lost the first package. It took 14 days for the reorder to get to me.

Bruce A
July 15, 2020

Works very well. Clip is very stiff to attach. Big deal! Batteries last a long time with “auto off”.

June 23, 2020

Works very well on my Zulu 3.

Bob Y
January 13, 2020

Unit was shipped promptly and seems to work as advertised. The device is pretty simple, however, it comes with no instructions regarding how the one switch marked on and auto is intended to work.

Paul S
November 24, 2020

I purchased 2 of these adapters. Leaving these in “Auto” mode after a 30 minute flight and both had dead batteries on the next use a few days later. While changing the batteries the 9 volt connector clips pulled off on both units leaving them useless. I’ll try replacing the 9 volt connectors to see if they can be salvaged.

John C
June 28, 2020

All around cheap. Clip broke off, battery plug does not make good contact, cuts in and out during flight long before battery is actually dead. Would not buy again.

December 6, 2017

The box is unable to supply sufficient power to my Zulu PFX. Probably the voltage of 9 V or the current is not appropriate for this headset ...

August 7, 2016


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Q: I have a bose X headset with lemo plug: If I understand this product I am asking about correctly I can plug my lemo connector into this product and then into a twin plug receptacle in an aircraft AND my Bose ANR will be powered from the 9V battery - Correct?

Yes, that is exactly right. Bose X lemo cable goes into the female end of this adapter, then the dual GA plugs go into the aircraft. There is a 9v battery box in between which powers the ANR in the Bose X.

Q: Will this PA-89B adapter work with a Lightspeed Zulu PFX?

Yes, this adapter will work with the Lemo plug version Lightspeed Zulu PFX.

Q: How long does this unit run on a single battery? Im considering getting this to run a LEMO-plug Lightspeed Zulu PFX, but Id be interested to know what kind of endurance it has on a typical alkaline 9V battery.

The PFX requires 4 AA batteries. The 9V battery in this adapter may not be powerful enough to support the ANR feature of the PFX.

Q: Will this PA-89 adapter adequately power a Bose A20 headset?

Yes, it will power the first generation Bose A20 headsets. A few years back Bose changed their cable assembly to include a AA battery pack in the 6-Pin Lemo cable. If your cable is the new style and accepts the AA batteries, then you could use Part# 11-08741 as the adapter.

Q: Will this Pilot USA PA-89B adapter work with a Lightspeed Zulu 3 Panel Power head set?

Yes, this adapter will work with the Zulu 3 Lemo headset.

Q: It is possible to use this cable with my Sennheiser HMEC 356?

If your HMEC356 headset is equipped with a single Lemo style plug, it will convert it to dual GA style plugs.

Q: Does this PA-89B adapter have a mono/stereo selector?

Yes, this has a switch for that function.

Q: I have the first gen Zulu. Will this PA-89B adapter work? It has enough power to run the ANR?

Yes, the ANR will be powered off the 9V battery within the adapter.

Q: How long are the cables on the PA-89B?

The longer cable, from the box to the end of dual GA plugs, is approx 21.5 inches. The cable for the female LEMO plug is approx 11 inches from box to end of plug.

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