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Part# 11-08741
MFR Model# 327080-0010


Converts your 6-pin connector to a dual G/A plug for additional connection flexibility. Adapter measures 21.5" (54.61 cm).
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Q: How does the Bose 6 pin Lemo headset get power when you use an adapter to go from the 6 pin Lemo plug to the dual GA plugs?

This is a newer feature on the A20 Lemo versions as the control box on the A20 cable already has two AA battery slots so that when you use the Bose A20 adapter 11-08741 it gets its power from there (no power needed on the adapter).

Q: Does the 6 pin to dual plugs adaptor 11-08741 also work on the X headset?

No, they are separate cable assemblies. The part number for the Bose X Lemo cable is 11-01842.

Q: I have an Bose A20 Lemo plug with Bluetooth. Which adapter do I need to use with GA plugs?11-08741 or 11-09422?

Both part numbers would work. PN: 11-08741 is made by Bose and PN: 11-09422 is made by Pilot USA.

Q: The newest model Bose A20 noise cancelling seems to work fine without a second external battery. Do you need an adapter with a second battery box to power the ANR?

No. The new A20 with lemo plug has AA batteries in the volume control box. These batteries power the ANR when using this adapter to dual GA. No secondary battery box is required.

Q: Will this Bose 6 pin LEMO adapter also work on the AKG AV100?

Yes, this will also work with the AKG AV100.

Q: Is there a separate Lemo adapter to dual GA plug for the new Proflite 2 headsets?

No, this adapter will work with the new Proflight Series 2 headset.

Q: I am unable to identify a model identifier on an older, 6 pin Bose headset that came with a PA28-161 I purchased. The on/off volume control on the cable has AHX-34-01 on it. Will the Bose A20 adapter work on this older headset?

Yes and no. It will work to pas through the audio, but the ANR may not work since the older Bose 6-pin volume control did not have a place for AA batteries. Since in a dual GA aircraft, you will need batteries to power the ANR, we recommend using the adapter part # 11-03570 which uses a 9V battery within the adapter to power the ANR.

Q: My A20 headset has a single plug but I need a dual plug. How to I convert my headset?

This is the correct part # (Part# 11-08741) to convert from 6-pin Lemo style to dual GA.

Q: Is there a six pin Lemo to uni plug u174 adapter available?

Yes, see Part# 11-10057.

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