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Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter Survival Kit

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Part# 13-13091


The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ is a tinder storage box that can start a fire using solar energy, and the inside top cover is also a signal mirror! The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ is used to store fire starting tinder in the air/water tight tinder box portion of the unit that is sealed from the elements using an o-ring seal. This keeps the damp air/water out so your tinder always stays dry! The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ is also a solar powered fire starter. It is designed to function in any environment that will support life; the Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ will literally function for as long as our Sun will shine and there is tinder to be found! As a matter of fact our Tinder Hot Box Solar Fire Starter will even function on other planets.

There are no moving parts, no flint, no fuels, no gases, and no batteries! In addition, you will always have dry tinder in the air/water tight tinder box to use to start your fire! The inside bottom of the tinder box is a parabolic reflector that focuses all solar energy to a singular point just below the base of the removable and stowable tinder holder arm. The tinder holder arm is securely stowed in the top housing during non-use and has a circular area and an expandable slot at the top to insert and lock your tinder in place just above the focus of the Tinder HOT Box Solar Fires Starter™ portion of the unit. The tinder holder arm also has light- through holes for maximum efficiency and the Tinder Holder can be changed from stow configuration to fire starting configuration in seconds by simply removing from the top inside cover and pressing into place!

The Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ is also a signal mirror that is there when you need it! Note: The fire starting portion of the Tinder HOT Box Solar Fire Starter™ cannot be used as a signal mirror as all solar energy and light is focused at a point just above the unit. To signal for rescue or to signal friends you simply remove the tinder arm from the top inside of the unit and flash the sunlight at your target.


  • 2.625 inches in diameter
  • .725 inches thick
  • weighs only 4 oz
  • can easily fit in your pocket


This product is best when used with char cloth or charred punk wood. Shortest day of the year is Dec 21st. On an overcast Dec 19th, 20 minutes before sundown, I was able to catch the suns rays coming in over the horizon and under the overcast clouds and was able to get an ember in under 6 seconds, I have been able to get an ember by the sun through a 15 second break in the clouds. Sitting in my car in the garage with the sun coming in through a narrow window in the closed garage door and my windshield. I have even achieved an ember with char with the suns rays coming through light clouds, very light clouds. My point is that clear skies and full sun work best, but you can still get an ember going with only a short time of sun. If it worked it usually only took less than 10 seconds of focusing the rays of the sun to get an ember than can then be blown into a flame with a well put together tinder bundle of fine, dry leaves and grass. Using char, this parabolic mirror has worked very well in getting an ember started.

November 11, 2021

I got this as a gift and have not been able to make it start fire on a sunny Florida day. Can not say I would recommend it.

November 9, 2019


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