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Vector Chocks

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Part# 13-11694


Hangar rash is the leading cause of ground handling insurance claims. Vector Chocks reduces the chance of hangar rash and will save you a considerable amount of money.

Vector Chocks cradle the wheel with their unique ramp design and the energy yellow colored industrial grade safety tape will help guide you from the hangar door to your safe parking place.

Installation is a snap with the peel-n-place feature, which sticks to asphalt as well as concrete.

Vector Chocks come as a complete kit, each kit containing two Vector Chocks and a roll of industrial grade energy yellow safety tape.

10" Length x 6" Width

California Prop 65 Warning Symbol

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Easy to install with the adhesive back. They stuck easily to the asphalt surface of my hangar. Unfortunately, the leading edge is so thick and square it can stop small main wheels before they roll up onto the ramp. I am forced to push hard on the tow bar and that makes the front strut fully extend on my Cirrus. Not good! Alternatively, one can back up to get some momentum to roll over the lip. Also not good in a tight hangar! Im going to shave down the lip and see if that works better

Mark D
February 27, 2017


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Q: What are the length and width dimensions of these Vector Chocks?

The approximate dimensions are as follows: 10" Length x 6" Width.

Q: Why are these vector chocks sold as a set for 2 wheels instead of 3?

These chocks are sold as a set of 2 for 2 wheels. The vendor advised that most applications only require two wheels to be chocked.

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