YETI® Rambler™ 12 Oz Colster Slim Can Insulator

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The YETI Colster® 12 oz slim design, is ideal for keeping hard seltzers icy cold while hanging out on the hottest days. Double-wall vacuum insulation and no sweat ™ design keep your hands dry, and the updated load-and lock ™ gasket only requires an easy quarter-turn to secure your drink in place.

As the name suggests, this size of our Colster Can Insulator is built for 12 oz. slim cans, spiked seltzers in cans, and slim energy drinks.


  • 18/8 Stainless Steel: Made with kitchen-grade stainless steel, so they’re puncture- and rust-resistant.
  • Double-Wall Vacuum Insulation: Keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot until the last sip.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Because no one needs more work to do.
  • Load-And-Lock® Gasket: Twist-off gasket keeps your bottle or can securely in place.

  • No Sweat ™ Design
    • Prevents condensation, keeping hands dry.
  • Duracoat™ Color
    • Color that won’t chip or crack.
  • Thick-Gauge Steel
    • Our thick-gauge steel makes for strong, more durable drinkware.


Outside: 6-1/8" X 3-3/4"
Empty Weight: 9.28 OZ


  • The durable, stainless steel build makes your beer all-terrain and virtually shatter- or puncture-proof. Fits standard 12 oz cans and bottles and keeps drinks colder longer than any standard drink jackets.
  • The only problem with enjoying a soda, beer, or refreshing sparkling water is that it’s usually gone warm before you’re finished with it. Typical drink holders are nice for your hands but do basically nothing for your drink. The YETI Colster perfectly encases your can or bottle keeping all the glorious coldness right where it belongs, inside.
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel walls are sweat-proof, so you can high-five with impunity while enjoying a tasty beverage.
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