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Part# 12-20810
MFR Model# W404


This deluxe model brake relining tool makes it virtually impossible to botch a brake relining job. The threaded screw action of the rivet insertion tool ensures a perfect roll on brake rivets every time without damaging the liner. Machined steel, not cast.
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Needed a tool to last, looks like we got one for sure, Put some grease on the threads and it did the job easily and looks like will be in the tool box for a long time.

Olathe S
August 18, 2020

Works as advertised.

David S
August 15, 2019

Great toll for the money

Frank S
February 4, 2019

Works well.

Bill J
October 5, 2018

Shane N
August 2, 2018

It does work, but I would suggest getting the versio without the threads. One strike with a hammer would be easier than the torque needed to set the rivets with the threaded version. Also, removing the old rivets is made much easier by just drilling them with a bit smaller than the set side and punching them through with a nail set. Since adding the cost of the tool to a set of pads is still less than buying new backing plates you only have ot get one use out of it to make it economically a good decision. I mounded the tool in a vise and had little issue with it.

Dr. B
May 17, 2018

The tool works but it must be made of poor quality materials. I had to install 24 pins and by the 20th or so the threads on the screw were starting to gall. A little oil on the threads did not improve the action.

Eric L
April 20, 2017

Very poor quality materials. I put a little center-point grease on the threads before I even started. After just two pads (6 rivets) the threads were starting to gall. By the time I finished a full set (12 rivets) I can barely turn it. Imagine being able to strip a 8mm bolt with your hands and a 2 T-handle? Supplier is sending me a replacement, which I dont expect to be any better. ACS doesnt normally accept exchanges on tools. Get the Rapco tool instead.

Steve S
February 15, 2018

the rivet extractor pin broke after two rivet...

August 20, 2017

Junk! The punch tip bent after 4 rivets. The threads on the press collapsed and locked up after 8 rivets.

Jim D
November 25, 2018


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