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Part# 12-00202


This tool is used to compress valve springs during valve removal and installation. It is ergonomically designed for shop and field use and comes with special pivot pin. Features alloy steel construction with black alloy conversion coating.


Worked exactly as advertised! exactly the tool I needed to compress the valve springs on my Continental 0-200 cylinders.

Mike M
April 23, 2020

Worked great on my C90! Perfect tool for removing the valve.

Dan R
December 12, 2019

Used on a O-200. Works great!!

Luis M
October 20, 2019

Perfect Continental Type Single Valve Spring Compressor. Very simple device that accomplishes a more complicated task to remove the valve springs while at the same time maintaining a closed valve. Often necessary to perform this task when removing a single stuck valve to burnish the stem and clear the valve guide of carbon buildup on a small Continental engine.

Ron P
February 19, 2019

Does a good job of releasing and applying valve spring tension for valve removal/installation.

Ed B
August 18, 2017

Iâm not sure what the 1/2â steel rod was for. There was no way to use it on a TSIO 360. I bought a thin wall steel tube from Loweâs and drilled two holes to attach it to the rocker bolts. That worked as the fulcrum for the tool.

Martin R
March 13, 2020

Tool works perfectly

Elliott D
August 26, 2019

Tool works perfectly

Elliott D
August 26, 2019

Great tool, it just did not fit the Continental O-520 valves we had. Solid construction and heavy duty steel.

Scott Y
September 25, 2017

Well built tool but only fits smaller cylinders. Compression forks do not extend far enough for larger bore cylinders. Did not fit my O-470-R. Description should add engine compatibility chart or usable distance range between rocker shaft center and valve center to help guide purchasers.

Greg V
June 12, 2019


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