Drill Bit Set  Sizes 1-60

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Part# 12-00227
MFR Model# 7280160


This jobber length drill bit set includes high speed steel (HSS) drill bits in sizes 1-60. The set comes complete with a steel storage box. Ideal as a pre-drill for tapping of holes and for many other aircraft building applications.

Drill Sizes


Havent had a chance to use the bits but when package arrived the metal bit holder was bent and the rivet hinge was broken.. very thin holder cheaply made. I hope the bits are better quality

Ken W
September 25, 2018

The the drill bits are OK if you use them very, very carefully (I think they are over-hardened, or not temper -relaxed) and will break easily. The holding box is a joke, it arrived fallen apart and 10 - 12 pieces of very tiny drill bits were all over the larger shipping box, some broken apart. After 5 times opening the box it doesnt close anymore. The lowest quality tool I ever bought. Not worth 10 bucks.

Erno O
November 5, 2018

These are very low quality.

Brett Z
October 28, 2018

Very brittle bits, easily broken. I had one crumble into 4 pieces just drilling out a couple -4 rivets!!!

Mcair A
February 28, 2017


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Q: Is it possible to have the drill size list for this box?

This box contains sizes 1 through 60. We have added the drill sizes list in inches to the "Drill Sizes" tab. Please review it there.

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