The Gripper - Wireless Cable Tension Meter

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Part# 12-05546
MFR Model# 1345-001


The Gripper, a wireless cable tension meter by Sprague Instruments. With more information on the display box screen and a much larger and more durable storage case than previous models.


  • Wireless Bluetooth, Metric not certified but can be, the Display Box and Sensor Head can be charged at the same time.


  • The range of measurement is: 10-150lbs.
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This is simply the best cable tensiometer Ive ever used... its easy to operate, it fits in small spaces, and its very accurate. And Matt Vaughn at Sprague Instruments is great to deal with if I ever have a question. Excellent tool!

Dean S
June 4, 2021

Very Good

Haneul N
April 20, 2021

We had previously owned the original non wireless griper. It was a great tool except the wire would get caught on things. This new warless unit is much better. Easier to use. The reader is smaller and more user friendly. We have now rigged 3 aircraft with it without any problems. We at Bens Motorworks Highly recommend this Tensiometer

Bens M
January 22, 2021


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Q: Is this gauge calibrated at the factory?

Yes the factory calibration certificates are included in the box.

Q: What cable sizes does The Gripper do? Is it automatic or do you have to key in sizes?

There is a button above the OK button that says Cable Size. Pushing that button will rotate the cable sizes until you get to your cable size you are looking for. So, yes you have you do have to key in the cable size. The cable sizes in this Tension Meterare 1/16, 3/32, 1/8,5/32/3/16. Measures from 10-150lbs.

Q: What is the recommended recalibration interval and how much does the calibration cost?

In the US, the Gripper is certified every year, but in Canada, if you pass the 1st certification you get to certify your unit every 2 years. Calibration cost should range from $131.00- $175.00.

Q: What are the dimensions of the part that attaches to cable?

4-1/8"L x 1"D x 1-7/8" H.