Petro Brake Bleeder

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Part# 12-03214
MFR Model# 2006-B


The Petro Pump comes in a complete kit with case and many accessories and adapters for testing fuel or hydraulic systems to over 100 psi and for bleeding almost any hydraulic components.

Need to clean and test carburetors? Need to bleed power steering systems? Need to test automatic transmissions? How about that Howitzer you have in the backyard or that you use as your daily driver? The Petro-Pump can help you with all of these.

Phoenix Systems developed a procedure for the US Military to bleed the hydraulics on a huge Howitzer gun.

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 12 x 4 in
***Not for Brake Fluid***


  • Clean and test carburetors and more
  • Bleed power steering systems
  • Bleed aircraft brakes
  • Pressure test fuel systems to 100 psi
  • Reverse, pressure, and vacuum bleed
  • Test automatic transmissions
  • Test pressure and vacuum sensors
  • Patented
  • Use for all petroleum fluids
  • NOT for automotive brake fluid

In The Box

  • 1- Petro-Pump (tool)
  • 1- Blow Molded Case
  • 1- Bottle Pack
  • 1- Universal Bottle Adapter and Straw
  • 2- Tube Connecters
  • 3- Rubber Elbow Connectors (various sizes)
  • 3- Rubber Inline Connectors (various sizes)
  • 4- Taper Tip Adapters
  • 2- Male/Female Plugs
  • 1- Universal Port Adapter
  • 1- Large Taper Tip Adapter
  • 1- Capture Assembly Hose



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