Brake Bleeding Kit

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Part# 15-05059
MFR Model# MTY-MV8080


Brake bleeding kit is ideal for purging air from hydraulic braking systems. Pump handle creates vacuum in reservoir. No spilling or fluid mess. Comes as shown with a complete set of adapters.
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I thought I would be getting a first class bleeder pump for my aircraft brakes. Instead, this unit only creates a vacuum and is therefore useless. Brake fluid can be sucked out, but it comes out of its own accord when the brake nipple is opened. Then one cannot pump the fluid back in. The unit itself is well made and sturdy. But the correct model number is 8500, not 8020. The latter will pump or create a vacuum.

James M
November 4, 2019


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Q: Will this product work on a Matco brake system?

Yes, there should be no problems using this with Matco brakes.

Q: Does this tool come with a case?

The manufacturer packaging could be repurposed for storage but we do not consider it a case.

Q: Does the kit come with the Matco adapter to attach to the valve down at the caliper to allow fluid in?

No it does not.