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Cleveland Brake Bleeder Adapter

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Part# 06-11414
MFR Model# 1246


This adapter will couple firmly to the 079-00300 (FC-6446) type bleeder screw used in Cleveland brake systems so that you can properly bleed and charge the aircraft's brake lines and cylinder. It has a quick-connect coupler at the other end, which will work with all bleeder tanks (such as the model 225DX Bleeder Tank) or other pressurized fluid systems. It locks firmly in place around the nipple and forms a high pressure seal.


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Sling R Verified Purchase


October 8, 2021

Perfect for my Cleveland Brakes. I used this critical part to build my brake bleeder.

Oscar P Verified Purchase


June 1, 2021

A must need part for bleeding brakes. Very pleased with this.

Journey A
May 19, 2021

Very well made, works great with the Cleveland brakes on my Baron!

Tim H
February 19, 2021

Makes bleeding the Cleveland brakes a breeze. Good solid and easy to use

David E
February 5, 2021

Works perfectly with my pressure bleeder to bleed the brakes from the bottom up. Much easier than trying to fit a piece of plastic tubing over the bleeder fitting.

Craig N
January 26, 2021

Although I bought this to adapt for use with a vacuum type bleed system, I pressure tested it at much higher pressure than any pressure bleeding system will generate beforehand (120 P.S.I.) It sealed against the bleeder fitting completely without excessive tightening and should work as advertised on any system for a long time.

David M
February 3, 2020

This product is excellent for bleeding Cub brakes. It is very easy to use and much less messy.

Russell S
December 25, 2017

This worked exactly as I expected. The brass fittings are a commercial type which I didnt need for my bleed arrangement. I got the ones I needed from the hardware store and I was able to get the air out of the brake system on my RV7.

Robert C
November 18, 2017

Not a real good fit.

Alan F
June 29, 2020


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Q: Does this adapter work with Matco brakes?

Yes, it will. These have tested this with Matco brakes.

Q: What size and type thread is this?

1/4 npt.

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