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Skin Wedge

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Part# 12-01793


Skin Wedge
Made of 4140 steel and heat-treated to perfection.
7 long x 1 wide
Body thickness 1/4


An absolute must-have tool for dealing with integral fuel tank access panels. This tool is incredibly strong and does its job well. Care should be taken not to damage existing aluminum surfaces, but with patience, this tool will help you get the panel open with relative ease.

Daniel J
October 13, 2021

Perfect and right on time

David S Verified Purchase


July 17, 2021

Very useful tool in aviation. Recommend 100%

Oleksii O
April 29, 2021

awesome service, fast delivery, great well made tool.

Steven S
March 29, 2021

Solid build and easy to use.

Ilia G
January 13, 2021

A co-worker loaned me this tool to remove tail light housing on a van. Always was a pain to remove with nylon and plastic pry tools due lack of rigidity. The metal SKIN WEDGE tool is perfect for light assemblies --- interior panels and even plastic painted covers on sideview mirrors. I use this tool every day at work now. EXCELLENT !

Zbyszek S
December 28, 2020

Best price around and great friendly service. Bought 2 new wedges, took them to work and immediately put them to use.

Denis P
September 14, 2020

Another great product. Good to take down panels in the ceiling.

Tyler M
August 5, 2020

Love it. Works great.

June 7, 2020

Amazingly versatile tool!! Super strong and sturdy. Wide enough and smooth enough that adjacent panels arent marred. Currently shoving all my plastic ones to the back of the drawer.

Hal S
April 24, 2020


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