Spark Plug Tray

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Part# 12-30185


This unique spark plug tray is quality made of PVC plastic. Each holding position has 18 mm thread so that plugs screw in for positive holding. This tray permits simultaneous inspection of either the electrode or barrel end of plugs, protects plugs from damage, and can be stored in any position. Optional carrying strap attaches to ends.
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Everything is satisfactory.

Donald F
July 30, 2020

Pros: Positively holds the spark plugs so that you can easily inspect both ends just by flipping the tray. Makes it easy to quickly check all plugs for resistance with an ohm meter by setting the tray on its side. Cons: Poor fit and finish, with no markings for plug positions (cylinder #, Top/Bottom). This tray is very functional, but i expected better workmanship and attention to detail for $40. I applaud the initiative to build and market a great idea like this, but none of the edges are finished (saw marks and rough edges) and the tray was assembled with gaps and glue runs where the sides are attached. The strap is attached to the sides with a single screw through the strap (no grommet) on each end. There are no markings on the plug tray to identify cylinder number or top/bottom, so youll have to do that yourself. The plug holes are tapped to allow you to screw the plugs in securely, but they all required some cleaning to remove debris before I could use the tray. I gave 3 stars because the tray is functional and will serve my needs, but it appears to be a product from a home workshop that should be priced at about $15 at most. I wouldnt have bought this at $40 if I had been able to see it first.

Rick J
March 5, 2017


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