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These devices measure the change in inductance in the magneto coil when the points open and close. Simply shorting the clip leads together will not indicate a point closing, therefore eliminating any false reading caused by loss of contact to the magneto grounding terminal. To use, simply remove one plug from each cylinder. Connect black clip lead to engine ground. Connect red and green leads to right and left magneto terminals. Turn propeller slowly. When the points open the L.E.D.s will turn off and the audio "tweeter" will sound. The magneto connected to the red lead will sound a rapid beat and the magneto connected to the green lead will sound a slower beat. When both sets of points are open, a third and continuous sound will be emitted. Adjust magneto timing accordingly.

100% solid state, compact 3/4" x 3" x 5" size, long battery life. Color coordinated leads are 4 ft. long. Comes in strong anodized aluminum case. Also available for single magnetos and without tweeter. The single timer is more expensive now because it is a new, updated version or style. This is a deluxe style with tweeter that has a sound system and 4 foot leads.
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worked perfectly out of the box. Read the instructions as it is not a continuity checker...

John S
August 23, 2019

Great item, fast ship.

Pedro M
August 12, 2019

A very useful unit, worked great on my old (1958) BMW motorcycle. An additional paragraph in the instructions on how to use the tool with a magneto ignition motorcycle would be a great addition.

David B
June 14, 2019

This device works amazingly well. I was able to time my mags in five minutes.

Andrew N
February 11, 2019

Where has this tool been all my life? Cannot say enough good about it, great value and an unbeatable aid for timing mags.

George G
April 16, 2018

Quick efficient service arrived early

Peter G
December 30, 2017

Bought this synchronizer to time my C85. Easy to use and very affordable. Would give it a 5 star but time will tell. I can only imagine if used properly it will give me many great years of service

Delmar H
December 28, 2017

This is a great tool for timing engines. Simple to use and reliable.

November 30, 2017

Well it worked for a couple of months then quit. Sent it to the manufacturer for repair. After months we tried calling no answer. Tried e-mail no response. So I would call it junk!

Sunset E
August 9, 2017

It does what it is supposed to and if you buy the one with the tweeter, it makes it very easy to know when those points are open. A great purchase!

July 16, 2017


Q: Will the dual mag synchronizers work if used on a single mag?

Per the supplier: Yes, they will work on a single mag.

Q: Will the dual mag synchronizers work if used on a single mag?

Per the supplier: Yes, they will work on a single mag.

Q: Will the single work on classic outboards?

This will only work if you have a breaker point ignition system. It will not work if you have a more modern electric system.

Q: When the plug is to fire for timing do the lights on the synchronizer go out or do they turn on?

The lights will go out when it fires.

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